She was walking on the silent road. It was empty. Nobody was there to be seen. The road was clear. Moonlight coming through the moon mixed with the streetlight landing on the road. Silence was spread on it and only the sound of her breathing was reaching her ears. 

She was not afraid of anything around her. Walking alone in such an environment was her habit. Even she liked it. Silence always gave her soothness. 

She kept on forwarding her steps. Her one hand was in her jacket’s pocket while the other was holding plastic bags. 

She brought eggs, some black pepper and some green chillies. She raised up her shoulders when a little gust of cold breeze passed through her neck, sending a chill down her spine. 

“Oh my goddess! It’s freezing.” She muttered, taking no pause. The dark road seems to be long for her now. She crossed the main road but the long way to her home was becoming longer second by second. 

‘It’s just your imagination!’ Ayla complained and Daisy nodded, “Maybe.” 

But the next moment, she stopped when she heard a painful groan. It was a manual groan and she recognised it at the first attempt. 

Her steps stopped all of a sudden and her eyebrows corrugated. She looked around herself but sensed nothing around her. 

“What was that?” She could not help but mutter, looking behind her and the road was still empty. 

It was eight o’clock and in this autumn season, only a few people leave their home at night. Who wants to go outside when you have a cozy room? 

And this time also, nobody was in that way. Only the main road contained noisy vehicles and after crossing it, she only received this silent road. 

But she was not afraid to use it. She used it many times. 

Shaking her head and realizing it was again just her imagination, she turned her head to the front only to freeze when she saw a crawling body towards her. 

She gasped as her hands automatically raised up to cover her mouth. 

Because of the streetlight, she was able to find it was a man. And he was injured! 

She immediately took her steps towards the man and crouched down. Her reaction was obviously so sympathetic. She felt pity for the man when she found he was bleeding from the stomach. 

“Oh no! It’s so big!” she whispered. 

“Oh lady! Ah!” he cried, “please...please h-help me.” With great difficulty, he was requesting as well as trying to hold on his wound but the blood kept on flowing as the wound was so deep. But she did not notice the color of his blood. It was darker than usual and her eyes could not catch it in panic. 

“Y-yeah! I...I will,” she immediately moved to hold his arm when her wolf shouted, ‘Move ahead!’ following the loud and terrible sound of breaking glass. 

Of course, she could not get it on time. Ayla shouted so urgently that her limbs could not move swiftly and suddenly a huge knife passed through her hand, which was raised forward to hold the man’s arm. 

That is what Ayla tried to warn her. 

She gasped and stopped suddenly. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened in horror when she looked at the huge knife. 

Its tip was shoved into the ground which made it stand. She gulped and looked at her hand. There was a long narrow cut on the back of her palm and blood started peeking out of her skin. 

“Oh n-no!” she heard the man’s small gasp and looked at him. His face was turned towards his left side and his eyes were settled on whatever something was in his front. 

He looked so scared that his body started trembling all of a sudden. 

She could not believe the thing in front of the wounded man was that scary that he started trembling all of a sudden. 

Gulping hard, she followed his eyes and then met a man whose face was unable to see because of the darkness spread on the road. 

It was dark because the huge knife shot through the streetlight damaged it. 

Even the moonlight was not helping her because his head was covered by his jacket’s cap and its shadow was falling on his face, hiding it.

He stood up as he was sitting on the wall which was only five feet long. His whole body weight was pressurized on his toes.

He looked so towering at the moment. She could not even blink for a second as she was only staring at him. Moon was exactly behind him and his towering body was preventing the moonlight from falling on the ground. 

His black clothes and that dark presence looked so murderous. The moonlight passing through his sides, showed him like an angel of death at the moment. 

She could not help but gulp once again. His dark aura truly gave her goosebumps and inflicted fear inside her. A werewolf like her should not be scared of this easily but it was her bad luck that she could not even get to know about her powers. 

Back to the present, she was frozen. Her body was frozen as if his gaze was pinning her every part, preventing her from moving. 

Yes, even though she was not able to see his face, his eyes or anything, she was sure he was staring at her only. And in reality, he was just staring at her. Her scared form was unexpected to that murderer and he could not help but smirk. Maybe that is what he wanted. 

He then made an effortless jump on the ground. As soon as his feet landed on the ground, she flinched back. For a moment, she did not even realise there was a man beside her. 

He took his predatory steps towards them and bent down to hold the knife. All the time, she was unable to see his face but as soon as he bent down, her eyes broadened and she gasped. 

It was him! 

And she could not believe it! 

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