Without even eyeing her, he just took the knife and turned his body towards the man. 

Daisy kept staring at him. It was unbelievable. She never knew that the new student would be murderer. She fucking could not believe it. 

Her jammed mind did not work the moment and nor did her wolf say anything. She did not even realise when the wounded man tried to get up and leave. 

He knew he was stuck in this situation. He was old. Older than the tall and bulky guy or should she call him a man? Whatever she calls, his strength was always more than the wounded man. 

The old man tried to run away. He tried to save his life. Ahaz saw it and dashed towards the wounded man. 

Daisy was watching this and her eyes widened when she looked how he stood in front of that old man just in a blink. The old man also could not believe the man standing in front of him. 

His speed was faster. Faster than sound or she could even compare light with his speed. 

And then she realised she was right. He was not a human. A human can never be this fast but he was. 

The man’s reaction was obviously reflected in Daisy’s. He reacted the same way. He kept on staring at the sharp man with his horror-filled eyes. 

“Warned you, but you enjoy taking risks, right?” his deep voice resonated in the old man’s ears. Daisy also heard it because of her sharp sensor. 

“Please...please Majesty, h-have mercy…” the man cried, trying to fold his hands in front of Ahaz, ignoring that twinge he felt in his stomach while moving his muscles. 

‘Majesty?’ even Daisy frowned when the old man called Ahaz Majesty. It simply defined that the old man knew about the Ahaz. 

“Never for a cunning man like you.” And with that word, he slit the old man’s throat with the knife in one move. 

He wriggled for a second but then fell on the floor, following a loud thud in that silence. 

Daisy’s eyes widened once again and she gasped so loudly and audibly. Her hands raised up to meet her small mouth and she never realised when her hands left the plastic bags. Her whole body started shivering, seeing that horrible scene. He killed a man and still he is calm and cool. There is no change in his aura. It is still damn vibrating and scary. 

He did not regret a microsecond! 

And that bravery of him scared her even more. Silence covered the whole atmosphere. No sound passed through there except her loud beating heart inside her chest and her audible breathing. 

He moved towards her. He was now facing her and even scared her more. Maybe the reach of fear has already crossed inside her. She cannot be scared more but that is so poor of her. Even her wolf went silent. 

As soon as he turned to face her, the fallen man behind him turned into black smoke and then disappeared into the air. 

But she did not get the time to react to it. She was scared and she could only see Ahaz in front of her. 

Moonlight landing on his face, made his skin more shiny. It shined so brightly as if the moon was welcoming him.

She was taking two-three steps back from her wobbly legs against his one single stride.  

A drop of sweat, coming from her head, passing through her forehead, landed on her eyelash, making it heavier. She did not want to blink, unsure if he might do something in that microsecond of her blink. 

Her blue orbs kept on staring at him. At his predatory slow step. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears now. She was hearing her own heartbeats as well as the sound of his silent footsteps towards her. 

The weight on her eyelash was making her blink and she wanted to do it but stopped herself. Unable to hold the poke in her eye through her eyelash, she took the risk of blinking and when she opened her eyes, she saw him so damn close to herself. 

Her lips only parted to escape a scream when she saw him in front of her with a gap of an inch between them, but he pressed his palm against her mouth, shushing her and muttering, “Don’t even think of it.” 

Her voice died inside. She did not nod instead, she thought of biting his palm so harshly. She wanted to teach him a lesson for touching her. 

With that intention, she was about to press her fangs in his palm when he pushed his wide palm more, pinning her head against the wall behind her. His stormy eyes sent death glares to her, daring her to do what she was thinking. His threat cleared when he gritted out, “You’ll regret that, remember.” 

Her mind stopped working now. She did not know what to do. He could even read her mind like an expert. He knew her every step before she even took it. 


But more importantly, who is he! 

Once he confirmed she won’t shout or do anything, he removed his palm. She exhaled audibly, the breath she was holding till now. 

He did not do anything but kept staring at her. He did not even utter a single word. While she was looking at him, afraid that he might do something the next second. 

She was scared if he was about to aim her next. 

Both of them did not say anything and just like that, minutes passed. He was not moving nor did he get bothered by staring at her like that, but Daisy on the other hand, watching him confusedly. 

What did he want! 

But she did not know, he got busy staring at her face. She looked so tempting and different from the rest. 

That white skin shined under moonlight just like his pale one, but her skin bloomed more because of the pinkish glow on her cheeks and nose.

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