Her white skin shined under moonlight just like his pale one, but her skin bloomed more because of the pinkish glow on her cheeks and nose. 

Her electric ocean orbs were just settled on him. Those blue eyes reflected fear and anxiety at the same time. Fear of him and anxiety of his next move. He liked it! Those fearful orbs of hers. They were beautiful as well as so alive. So alive that his heart would have beaten if it was alive. But her eyes made him feel alive for a second. 

And then his eyes fell on her lips. They were trembling like a leaf. Just like how a leaf trembles in spring. Their color attracted him even more. Those pink rosy petals were wet in this autumn season and invited him to have a taste.

Gosh, he could not say no to that urge. He could not control that forbidden urge of tasting her lips

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