Not a moment passed when he held a side of her face and took her for a kiss. Her mouth automatically opened for him, welcoming his soft and warm tongue. He tasted himself in her mouth, kissing her passionately.

She impressed him.

He moved his lips with a slow motion, taking the time and enjoying it to the fullest. He slid his free hand into her waist, pulling her closer. His touch awakened the sparks that reacted inside her body. She felt butterflies dancing inside her stomach.

Tilting her head slightly, she held his neck and before her hand slowly slid up to his dark locks. She tugged on those dark locks, earning a moan from him which was muffled by her mouth. She loved the way he reacted to her touch every time.

The kiss took some more time because of their hunger for each other. He pulled away, leaving her breathless. Her face turned red as he stared at her before snaking his arms under her knees and waist, to lift her up in his arms.

Desires were awakening and the need to cl
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