“Already tired?” He grinned, looking down at her. She was breathing peacefully, lying next to him after a wonderful orgasm she received. The same he got, but he was not as tired as her.

He is a fucking vampire!

Closing her eyes before opening them, she peeks at Ahaz, who was wearing a sly smirk on his plump lips. He was staring at her with amusement filled in his eyes.

She bites on her bottom lip before turning her body towards him. She looks at him fully. Ahaz immediately realises that she is about to give him a spicy reply, so he also looks at her with his full attention. He turns to face her fully, resting his head on his palm while his elbow dipped into the mattress.

“You’re being too naughty, aren’t you?” She uttered, positioning herself in his position. His eyes gleamed with amusement.

“You think… so?” He trailed off, starting to hover over her slowly. She laid on her back, watching him positioning himself above her.

“Hm…” She inhaled softly when his hand clutched the sheet
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