“I’m excited…” Daisy bit on her bottom lip. She looked at Ahaz, who was standing in her right, already looking down at her.

“So I am.” He answered her in a deep voice, raising his hand to press the pad of his forefinger against the white switch. “They will surely be happy to see us.” He assured her, stretching back his hand and waiting for the door to get open.

“Yeah.” She held his hand more firmly.

Soon the door opened and it revealed the same old lady. She raised her weak eyes and looked at the couple standing in front of her. For a moment, she could not believe the couple standing in front of her was real. Her eyes squinted as she tried to confirm herself.

Daisy smiled, looking at the lady. She looked older than before, of course three years have passed.

Her gray hair had now turned white. Her skin had become very delicate and thin and her cheeks were sunken. She looked weak in appearance but the glow of the same face remained intact even today.

“Daisy?” She questioned after
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