Chapter 26: A Beta's Heart


I abruptly stopped in my tracks as my body stiffened. Alba felt it and immediately withdrew her mouth from my neck as her gaze followed my line of sight.

Standing in front of the pack house was Young Alpha Lucas. Beside him was Alpha Caspian. Their gazes were on us, but I couldn’t read the emotions in the Young Alpha’s eyes.

Alba wriggled away from my hold, and I finally set her on her feet. She looked at me, worried flitting in her eyes.

'Relax. I’m here. We can do this together.' I nodded my head at my mate at the same time that I sent her a mind link.

We started to walk together when I felt Alba’s hand reach for mine and entwined it with hers. I puffed my chest up as it swelled with pride. Alba was telling him who she had chosen, and I couldn’t be happier.

"Lucas, what are you doing here?" It was Alba who spoke first, as Lucas’ gaze fell on Alba’s marked neck.

But before Lucas could reply back to Alba’s question, Alpha Caspian butted in before he made his exit. "I will leave
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Ayodeji Tosin
goodnovel comment avatar
who was lucas mate. I guess we find in alpha aeon story.
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ailene martinez
How I wish Lucas mate was katerina

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