Chapter Three


I struggled once more as soon as Jax took off his clothing and I saw his big member fully erect and pointed at me as if it was telling me to stay still. 

Despite all Jax's disgusting features he was still handsome and his tan skin glittered under the moonlight, his wolf head tattoo was the only dark contrast to his skin and when he flexed his biceps it moved a little as if howling at me. 

"You know what happens next, so stop moving around. I'm too hungry to care." Jax said, his voice losing its usual tone overshadowed by his wolf as his red eyes shimmered brightly before he climbed the bed. 

He climbed above me, pinning me to the bed and I struggled to get away but he grabbed the chains on my neck and spun me back, cutting off the air that traveled down my lung as he slammed my back to the bed.

Panic rose from within me as Jax smirked at me, revealing a row of pearly white teeth with his canine growing longer and it was only a matter of time before he sank them into my neck, marking me as his. 

He didn't need to, I was already marked as his the first day I had gotten here. 

"Please..stop.." I managed to choke out as my eyes reddened and I coughed, desperately gasping for air and Jax let out a deep chuckle as his body rumbled over me, his huge weight crushing me. I could feel his member piercing through my stomach and I started to cry. 

"Stop?" Jax asked as he stopped laughing as he reached for my cheeks very softly. He always did that whenever he was preparing to take me, his fake smile and soft touch was all part of his plan to make me submit. 

He would look at me deeply, forcing me to submission and in a few seconds I'll stop struggling and lay there as he took me against his will. 

Jax kept his eyes on mine, pouring submission into me and I could feel my fist unclenching and I relaxed underneath him, a tear ran down my face as I finally mustered the courage to speak. 

"Please.." I managed to whisper before I finally relaxed underneath him, trapped inside my own body, unable to fight or struggle against the hold he had on me.

But Jax only smiled before he ripped off the dress I was wearing with a flick of his wrist, leaving me naked underneath him, exposing every inch of my body as he pulled off the torn material and threw them on the floor. 

The cold rush of air from the window hit my skin and I shivered from both the cold and Jax's finger that traveled down my body and to the left side of my stomach where the mark was.

He trailed his finger over the branding he had done when I was fifteen. The night I had been given to him Jax had ordered that I was based as his with a hot branding iron.

Jax's Property. 

That was what was branded on me, I remember the hot iron being smeared on my skin and it sizzling of my flesh as well as the burning smell of my flesh. I had screamed but they completely ignored me before I was finally thrown to Jax's home.

Jax's Property. Those words were forever branded on the left side of my stomach and even though I managed to run away, I would still be his, forever. 

"You're mine, mine to use, mine to touch. Everything you own belongs to me," Jax said as he traced each letter against my skin before he finally looked at me, taking my wrist and pinning them above me on the bed. 

And as much I tried to struggle against his submission hold he had on me, I couldn't. I was trapped, physically and mentally in my own mind. It didn't matter how much I tried to break from his hold, it was futile. 

Jax leaned closer to me as he covered my right breast with his lips sending disgust through me as I whimpered under him. 

He pulled away as he smiled at me and forced me to look at him when I tried to look away.

"You can moan if you want," He said and I snapped my teeth at him threateningly. His smile fell as he pulled back and whacked a blow to my head.

I instantly froze as pain exploded in my head and my vision blurred and I suddenly became dizzy and Jax roughly pinned me on the bed. 

"You definitely asked for this. I'll give it to you rough." He growled as I saw a glimpse of his canine seep from his lips as his red eyes brightened.

I had made things worse and Jax snapped my head to the side before sinking his teeth on my neck. 

I let out a painful scream and Jax didn't give me a chance to recover as he plunged into me roughly. Pain shot up from inside me and I screamed louder and started to plead with him. 

But it all fell on deaf ears and he plunged harder into my depths. Taking everything and stripping whatever shred of dignity I had left. 

Soon I stopped writhing against him and just left it to happen. His loud grunt and gasps like a bitch in heat filled my ears as my muscles stretched painfully to accommodate the size of him. 

Jax continued into the night and I felt blood trickling down my legs as he shuddered in release before taking his member out of me and collapsing on the bed beside me. He pulled me closer to him, wrapping his whole body over my small frame so I didn't have the chance to roll or get away.

"You're mine." He whispered softly before he dozed off into a deep slumber. 

I didn't sleep. I couldn't.

I felt disgusted and irritated in my own skin and I looked outside the window, the full moon shining outside brightly as if trying to mock me. 

I was tired, I wanted to grab him and rip out his hair while choking him to death but I couldn't do that. 

I was trapped here, with no means of escape. 

I didn't want to be here, I didn't want to be a slave.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I whispered softly while looking at the moon but as usual I had no connection to the moon goddess because I was wolfless. 

She wasn't going to save me. I thought. 

My mate wasn't going to save me either.

The only person who could save me, was me. 

I looked back at Jax who was sleeping soundly beside me, and at my shackles at my feet that Jax had torn off in his rage, and then at the opened window.

Yes, the only person who could save me, was me.

**I feel so sad for Alora and the fate she is currently facing. She's thinking of running away while Jax is sleeping. What do you think? Is that a wise decision? Would she be able to make it? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote.


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Aurelio Fariñas
She should run ...‍♂️
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How do you go to another novel?
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She should try and get away...she is hurting no matter what...he even has the audacity to mark her

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