Chapter Six


Run, keep running and don't look back. Those words kept resonating in my ears like the echo of a loud beating drum. 

My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I placed one foot after the other and navigated my way through the dark thick woods. 

Keep running, Alora! I told myself as I had started to pant heavily from the current stress my body was going through, I had never had to run before. 

Five years locked up in Jax house and I've hardly ever stepped out of his home, I didn't even know what running felt like anymore. 

But today I was running, running away from the dark nightmares I was born into and made to stay in forever.

I didn't want to live that life anymore and today was the day I would find the freedom I deserved.

A part of me wanted to see my parents one more time before I finally decided to leave, but I knew turning back would mean I traded my freedom for seeing them. No doubt Jax must have noticed I was gone by now and I knew that if I decided to go after my parents they would just give me back to him. 

My eyes stung with tears that I couldn't even trust the people who had brought me into this world. But I had no choice, I quickly wiped my eyes as I ducked from a branch. 

"Stop!" A loud voice shouted from behind me and I froze up immediately, turning behind me to see Jax's bodyguards and his Beta far behind me. 

A few of them had shifted to their wolves and I knew it was only a matter of time before they caught me.

"Come back Alora, Alpha Jax wouldn't like this!" I heard Jax Beta say and I felt the brand on my stomach tingle as if telling me to go back while Jax was still probably playing nice. If he hadn't come out to find me himself, it was because he was giving me a chance to come back on my own, meaning my punishment wouldn't be as painful as if he caught me himself.

No! No! No!

I couldn't let them take me back to that monster! This was the only chance I had!

With newly found confidence, I turned and started running faster into the woods. 

"Get her!" I heard the Beta shout and I heard the sound of paws hitting the floor and sprinting after me. 

I was probably almost off Jax's pack. I didn't know but I knew there was a river just before a human town that signified the end of his borders. 

If I could just reach the human town then I'll have a few minutes before they shift back to their human form and get changed before coming back after me.

"Alora!" I heard him shout my name. Despite being back at his house, I heard Jax's voice in my head. I could feel his anger, his red eyes on me that promised me a heavy punishment but that only made me run faster.

He was really going to hurt me if I was caught. 

I could smell the sound of soft running waters and I knew I was closer to the river.

The heavy found of paws hitting the floor for closer and I increased my pace as I heard them howl sending messages to each other. 

I pushed hard as my nightdress caught up in a branch and a huge piece of it tore off exposing my thighs. But I didn't look back, I kept running.

Not even when another branch cut through my cheeks and my shoulders, piercing me as I ran, I didn't look back.

I only had one thing in my mind. Freedom.

And today was my only chance at it. 

"Please, just today." I looked up at the bright full moon above me as I whispered softly before I looked forward to see the river ahead of me. 

The sound of the wolves drew nearer and I knew they would soon catch up to me as I breathed in relief. 

I was so close! So close! 

My heart pounded in my chest heavily threatening to jump out any second and my legs grew tired as my whole body screamed for me to stop and I started to lose my breath. 

The bleeding on my face and my arms did nothing to strengthen me as the river drew closer to me and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"She's reaching the borders!" I heard someone shouts from far behind me and I smirked. 

Only a few steps and I would be out of the White Moon pack, my prison and I'll be free from being Jax's slave, his property, toy and object for pain and pleasure. 

"Alora! Stop! Jax is going to be very angry!" Someone yelled from behind me but I didn't look back nor respond as I threw myself into the river in front of me.

The first few seconds were quiet and soon I pushed my head out of the water as I took in a deep breath. 

I could hear the sounds of bones breaking and I quickly swam to the shore, the cold wind hit against my wet skin as I hauled myself out of the body of water. 

Swiping my hair away from my face, I bent to catch my breath, my clothes were sticking to my skin and I shivered at the cold air before looking back. There was no one at the other side but I knew they weren't far behind, probably shifting and dressing up.

I sighed in relief as I sprinted off into the human town, surely someone would be able to help me. Humans were kind, I knew that. 

I found a small motel ahead and a car, a very expensive looking one and for a second I wondered what it was doing in a run down looking hotel like this. 

My legs shivered and wrapped my arms around my body as I neared the car. There was a room that had lights in the hotel and I decided to meet the person in it when I heard shuffling behind me. 

I panicked and reached for the door of the car and tried it, to my surprise, the door opened and I gasped in shock, looking back at the woods to see the wolves had shifted sbd looking around for me. 

Quickly, I slipped into the car,it was dark and I struggled to fit in between the two seats which wasn't difficult, considering I was very small. 

My heart pounded in my chest and I did the only thing I knew how to do. Masking my scent, it was the only trait that reminded me I was supposed to be a wolf and I was grateful for it. 

Closing my eyes, and holding my breath, it took a few minutes before the doors of the car opened and my eyes widened in shock. I hadn't expected anyone to come in and I couldn't come out or it would risk my exposure to Jax's men who were looking around for me. 

I folded myself smaller to appear as invisible as possible, the clothes sticking on my body helped in a way and my stomach twisted in knots and I let out a silent prayer for the person not to see me. 

I heard the sound of fingers tapping on a phone before the person sighed and I recognized it as a man. I pressed my hand over my lips, pouring all my energy into masking my scent so I wouldn't be found. 

I almost let out a gasp when the car jerked in ignition and I shivered a little under the rumbling of the engines.

The car drove off the hotel and I peeped through the windows to see Jax's men looking around the hotel and the woods. 

I smiled, letting out a silent breath. At least I was safe and I was free from Jax pack. 

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Rena Brown Moon
Thank you for telling me about this other book app, unfortunately (well not really unfortunate, because I love The Alpha’s Broken Slave book so much) I have to start from the beginning again ....
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Aurelio Fariñas
I really appreciate this chapter ...
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Stefani Spyres
Yes her scent is masked but what about her heartbeat? Being distracted could account for it for a short time but it just doesn’t seem right that he’d miss it the entire drive.

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