Chapter Sixty-Five

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Alora was happy was the biggest understatement of the evening. She was excited, joyful and every word you could use to describe someone Inna state of so much happiness.

Her black hair bounced excitedly as the crowd cheered at the start of the game. And when I thought her violet eyes couldn't look any more beautiful. They captured everyone in the room, including my attention.

They shone vibrantly in the hall under its bright lights. Her smile was so wide, spreading from one end of her cheek to the other as she clapped together with the crowd.

I stood at the side of the stage, just watching her until the host spoke again, dragging my attention to her once more.

The host was a younger woman like myself, she had very short black hair in a pixie cut and her brown eyes watched us in a silent agreement, hoping for our cooperation.

Hell, yeah!

Alora had already shown
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**Honestly, my heart is racing for these two. I'm definitely #TeamAlores all the way! And I'm happy to announce that they won the vote yesterday from the last chapter. Unfortunately, very few voted for #TeamSetabel and I was actually rooting for them before but I guess I have to vote for #TeamAlores now. I feel so sad for Isabel tbat Seth isn't even trying to get the answers. Do you think he knows the answers and is just keeping quiet? Do you think Ares is going to know Alora's birthday and are you hoping for them to kiss? Let me know in the comments, see you all on Wednesday, Jane♥️

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Jessica K
I hope Isabel has it out with Seth. She needs to stand her ground. Maybe even threaten rejection, heck even actually reject his sorry A! He would deserve the pain, and she deserves better! He doesn't seem redeemable
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Can you finish this book instead of giving us three chapters a week
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
yes, every Monday Wednesday and Friday. I had a bit issues with my internet but the chapter is up now

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