Chapter Sixty-Eight

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I sat on the floor, pulling my knees closer to my chest as I played with the pieces of the tickets littered around me.

I couldn't read its contents so I just stared blankly at the words on each piece, trying to place them in the correct order.

Maybe in the morning, I could ask Lana to help me glue them together.

A tear threatened to fall past my eyes but I blinked them back. I was so tired of crying that it seemed like the pain in my heart was always going to be there.

So why cry about something that wouldn't ever change?

It was frustrating to think that I was ever going to be happy for a full day.

But the more I tasted a bit of what happiness felt like, the more I longed for it. The more I desperately wanted to chase after it.

But my legs were already so tired of chasing something that managed to go further from my reach, and it was only a matter of time before I co
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Stop Stop
hoping Seth regrets his action towards Isabel. He is such a D**K in bold capital letter
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
you are welcome. thank you for your patience
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Excellent job on chapter 69. Thanks for the update.

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