Chapter Seventy

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It's been more than fifteen years since anyone came into this room and played the piano. I vividly remembered locking this room and anything that reminded me of him.

The piano was Zeus' and he cherished it greatly.

And anytime he played it, it reminded me of the pain I had passed through, that vulnerability and my innocent self.

The sound of the piano reminded me that I once had a time where I was defenseless.

My heart ached at that. So why had I allowed Alora to play? I knew she was great at it, I've heard her play twice, each time different from the last.

The first time she played was more of being curious, remembering the keys and while I felt a tingle it wasn't as compared as the one in my heart right now.

The second time she played, I could feel her heartbreak, her fears, anger and sadness. For some reason, it was a pain I could relate to.

But this time, t
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**Well, I guess things are getting better between those two. But it's not going to be easy for the both of them. Ares definitely enjoyed the moment with Alora, and he was taken back this past where he felt happiness genuinely. His new feeling for Alora is making him scared and it's hard for him to deal with something he hasn't felt before. I'm rooting for these two. What do you think of this chapter? Let me know in the comments. We still have two more updates for this week. Sorry about the irregular update schedules just please be a bit understanding for the rest of this week. Thank you guys so much. So please stay tuned. Please leave a review if you can and vote too. Jane♥️

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