Chapter Seventy-Nine

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"You must be the Alpha's latest bitch." A voice said from behind me and I resisted the urge to turn around as my heart thumped loudly in my chest.

"What? Cat got your tongue?” The voice said again, and I knew it was a she wolf, her voice was a tiny irritating noise against my ear and I slowly turned to her.

Standing before me were three she wolves. The one in the middle caught my attention as the leader of the group. She had black hair that she pulled into a ponytail, and green eyes that sparked hatefully at me. She wore the slutiest burnt orange gown I had ever seen, revealing the cleavages of her big round breast that was only covered by sparkling stones. Her gown hugged her perfectly and barely stopped on her thighs.

Beside her were two other girls and I noticed they were twins. Blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They wore very revealing clothes too, their cleavages almo
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**It's so magical and beautiful that I had tears while writing the chapter. What do you think of this chapter? Alora stood up for herself for the first time and I'm actually glad she's gaining some confidence. Seth kinda accepted her? And even defended her too. That's a new one and I feel so sad he's not with Isabel. But most importantly this moment of Alora with Ares was my favorite one so far and I can't wait to see how the night ends. I'm definitely betting for a happy ending. Season one of this book is slowly coming to an end. All information would be given at due time. We get to see Ares' POV in the next chapter. Write your thoughts in the comments, drop your votes and leave a review. See you on Wednesday, Jane ♥️

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Bella Jersey
I think Seth and Ares’ mom is right. Alora can tame Ares’s beast and that scares the shit out if Ezra. Because she will find out all the evil the Council did or does do
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
thanks a lot..
goodnovel comment avatar
Chimdi Jane Samuel
no no. probably y'all gonna wait for like two weeks or something

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