Chapter Eighty-One

**This chapter is specially dedicated to Racheal Blair who has been supporting me since the beginning of this journey. Words can't appreciate you enough for the love and support you've given me. Thank you from my heart♥️


I smiled as I picked wild flowers as i remembered Ares words.

Why does he have to be so vile?! I blushed, storming my feet against the floor.

My cheeks felt so hot as I grumbled, snatching the flowers a bit too roughly before I squatted, my dress flowing around me in a soft orange poodle.

A warmth filled me as I heard the ruffling of clothes. The Run was about to start and I rose to my feet, turning to the direction of the ballroom. I noticed wolves going to the different rooms before coming out naked.

I blushed again. Wolves really had no shame.

I looked away and up at the moon that stood full against the clouds. Lana had been right, it was a bright orange. Very beautiful and full of so much power.

"The Hunter's Moon is the most beautiful moon in
Chimdi Jane Samuel

*Hi I'm really sorry it's been a week since the last update. I am deeply sorry for the infrequent updates and the days between them. I have been burdened with a lot of work and finding time to write hasn't been easy. I understand your complaints on how I don't keep to the update days but it's not my intention to disappoint anyone. I'll try my best to keep updating regularly but you must understand that you have to be patient and I have a life outside writing. I've always appreciated the love and support so far and I wouldn't be here without them. But I've taken into consideration not to say when the next update would be at least for now till things settle. Let me know what you think of this chapter in the comments. See you soon but I promise it wouldn't take long anymore, Jane ♥️

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Chimdi Jane Samuel
thank you it means a lot to me( ╹▽╹ )
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Cass M
Jane keep going. This is one of my fav stories. Keyboard warriors always make noise. There are more of us that love what you do.
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
thank you so much. I deeply appreciate your support (✿^‿^)

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