Chapter Eighty-Three

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Ares' wolf was a whole different being. He was happy, cute and adorable. I noticed he liked to sniff at my hand as if checking I was still there.

And he had done it about six times in the past minute. He was a whole contradiction to Ares.

When Ares was apathetic, his wolf was passionate and

When he was emotionless, his wolf was emotional.

From his constant glowing red eyes that seemed to me fascinated with my violet ones. And his tongue ran through my face countless times.

Ares' wolf was another shade of his host and I found myself drawn to him.

I couldn't explain what the feeling was, it was new but beautiful. Like I could count on him to be there for me. A wave of familiarity hit me like a tidal wave and I found my heart reaching out to Ares who had let his wolf take over.

A part of me wished I had a wolf too who could relate to Ares' wolf through animal instincts.
Chimdi Jane Samuel

Well this wasn't the ending of the full moon ceremony that I was hoping for. Alora is running away because she feels she doesn't belong to Ares and only adding to his pain. She still feels like a slave despite everything Ares has shown her. But could you really blame her really? What do you think? Also Ares is in pain, alone in the woods as he watches her leave him behind. What do you think he is going to do? Would Alora find somewhere to hide? What do u think of her running away? Do u think she had started to grow feelings for Ares? Was it cruel to Ares to leave him like that? Let me know in the comments. Just 2 more chapters to the end of this season! More information would be passed soon on Season 2. Stay tuned and see you soon, Jane ♥️

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Bella Jersey
So sad Alora is trying to be selfless. She’s so used to seeing herself useless. She’s not seeing how after all this time she is only one that can help Ares. The more telling time was Ares was more beast like and gonna hurt her. He and wolf stopped him
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Adell Watson
I understand Elizabeth I wouldn’t have read this book if I new she took this long to update just finish the book have spent too much money you are a a good rider but this is my last time I read your book s
goodnovel comment avatar
Vidyut Nomani
Hey please update more ...

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