Chapter 2

  Episode 2

Catherine's POV:

I watch in horror as he tightened his hand around my neck. 

Is he going to kill me?

The thought alone made me claw on his hand harder. The psycho smirked and brought his other hand to my cheek, he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand and trial it down to my collarbone before they landed on my chest.

My eyes widened and I continued to struggle from him.

Knowing for the fact that I cant rescue myself if I continue to tug on his hand, I resorted to the only solution that I have.

I bite hard on his hand. He let me go immediately and my back hits the wall, I gasped, trying to inhale as much air as I could.

"Don't you ever bite on my hand, kitten. This will serve as a warning, the next time you try it there will be a punishment." He said while I watched him.

Punish me? Who the hell is he to punish me.

"I….I need to find Talia." I said and quickly stood up from the ground, I dusted the back of my cloth and started walking away when I heard him speak again.

"It was nice seeing you, kitten. Welcome to my kingdom." 

I didn't wait to hear him speak again as I ran across the hallway. I got to the football field and saw Talia sitting down on a bench, I guess the football team have practice and that was why there are a lot of people at the field. About twenty feets away are the cheerleaders.

Oh God! I just want to study here in peace and not to let a psychotic make student lay his claim on me.

"Cat! Where were you? I was about to come find you, the practice is about to start." She told me, I collected my backpack from her and sat down on the bench beside her.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, it was difficult for me to find the restroom." I lied. She nodded her head and continued staring ahead. I followed her gaze and I saw her staring at a boy, a handsome boy at that, he was wearing the school football team shirt and his helmet.

"What is the name of this school's football team?" I asked Talia.

"Devil's kingdom." She responded.

Such a weird name.

Her expression changed when a girl I've never seen before walked towards us. She was about 5'9 ft tall, her hair was a shinning golden color and she has a baby face. A goddess in human form I must add.


I know that I was beautiful, but I just realized that there is a beauty and there is a beauty goddess.

"Talia." She purred, even her voice sounded soothing to the ear.

"What do you want?" Talia asked in anger.

"Calm down tiger, don't annoy me." The girl said and she turned her face to me. Her eyes searching my face and down to my body. "And what is your name?"

"Oh...hi, I'm Catherine but you can call me Cat." I responded, she smirked and started walking away.

"Call me Queen B." 

Even though she has walked away, I still kept on staring at the place she was standing at a few minutes ago.

"Don't talk to her, don't befriend her. You will suffer in this school if you do." Talia finally speak up.

"Why? Why shouldn't I speak to her?" I inquired, 

"Ace Hampton is the King of this school, the football quarterback, his mother is senator Hampton, she is the lead sponsor of this school. Kisa Queens is the school's goddess, she came from old money. Liam Wesley is the school's Playboy, his father is Killian Wesley, the business mogul. Don't go around this kids, I'm telling you, they will ruin your life." 

Wow! So much information to soak in at once.

Now I realize what Talia was trying to tell me during class, I draw Ace's attention towards me and now he has lay his claim on me. How do I get out of this problem?

"Don't worry, Talia. I'll be careful around here. I came here to study, I don't even know how my uncle managed to afford this school but I can't waist this opportunity by looking for anybody's attention, you have nothing to worry about." I assured her. She nodded her head and smiled at me.

I just had a feeling; Talia will be my best friend in Riverside High School.


I was inside the kitchen making dinner after braiding Vivian's hair, I put on Westlife music and continued chopping the carrots on the chopping board when Vivian walked in.

She walked around to where I kept my phone and turned off the music.

"When you are cooking in this house, you won't be doing anything else but cook. Last night meal was horrible because you were too invested in singing then cooking, the next time I catch you playing music while cooking, I'll seize your phone." She told me angrily.

"Yes, Vivian."

She walked out of the kitchen and I exhaled a breath that I didn't knew I was holding.

That woman finds anything I do irritating.

She never like me and her husband saw me as a liability. I wondered why he would send me to a prestigious school like Riverside High School, something is off about it and my mind kept telling me that something is going on without my knowledge.

But really, I don't care, I will go to school and act like a ghost until I go to college, I can't afford to get into trouble in my senior year, that will be a career killer.

I want to be a neurosurgeon, I knew that the money is huge but I believed that I can do it. I just have to do whatever uncle ask me to do and he will continue sponsoring me until I graduate from college. 

I have everything planned out, everything will be fine.


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