Chapter 3

Episode 3

Catherine's POV:

I stood before my locker, bringing out my games wear since I joined a club. In Riverside High School it is compulsory to join one or two community since it brings the students together.

So today will be my first time running in Riverside High School, in my formal school I won the Huston summer trophy with my team mates.

I grabbed the games wear and closed my locker, I turned around to go to the restroom and change when I saw Ace and Liam walking towards my direction.

My heart started beating erratically. Since that day we haven't run into each other and seeing him again sends chill down my spine.

What do I do….what do I do?

Before I could think of a way to escape him, he stood before me. The hallway became ghostly silent, I looked at my left and then my right but the students were just watching to know what will happen.

"Kitten," he purred, "Are you not happy to see me? Huh?" 

He brought up his hand and touched my cheek then squeezed it harshly, my face burned with usher tears and embarrassment. 

I know how stuff like this works, in my formal school I always love in the shadows, nobody knows me and I saw how people were being bullied. Ace was obviously marking me so that this student can bully me.

"Please." I whispered and closed my eyes, he grabbed my hand and dragged me away from my hallway down to a secluded area where nobody will see him or whatever he was about to do to me.

"How fragile, I am tempted to break you, should I?" He asked in the sick tone of his.

I shook my head and bit hard on my lip.

"Undress." He said, my eyes widened in horror as I discreetly glance around to see a way out of this mess. "Don't even try to escape me, Kitten. Now undress for me."

The way he said it made my stomach twist.

"Please….please let me go." I begged him, my mouth quivering.

"What should I do with you, Kitten? Will you do it or I'll do it for you." He said harshly. I sucked in a sharp breath and shook my head.

I won't get naked for him, I won't undress just because he told me to.

"One." He counted. "Two."

Even though I didn't know how much of a Bully he is, I heard from Talia that he is a cold hearted bastard.

I can't help but feel that he will undress me if I don't do it myself, I'd rather undress myself than let him touch me, the thought of that alone make me shiver in disgust.

"I will undress." I whispered, he stopped counting and took two steps away from me then pushed his hands inside his trouser's pocket.

I took a deep breath and placed my games wear on a trees behind me then placed my hand in front of my shirt, I looked up at him and he raised his eyebrow challengingly.

I unbutton the first button and cursed myself, cursed myself for looking at him on my first day, cursed myself for ever finding him handsome, behind his physical appearance I can see through the deadly monster inside him.

He is a beast and I need to thread with caution when it comes to him.

I finished unbuttoning my shirt and placed it on the tree beside my games wear. Leaving me only in my bra.

"I've undressed, what else do you want." I said in a voice that I didn't realize was my own. He wrapped his hand around my throat, cutting off my breath. My eyes widened and I quickly grabbed his hand but he wasn't losing it. I raised my knee up to kick his groin area but he was too quick as he spin me around so that my back was smashed against his chest.

He losing his hand around my neck but he didn't release it all the way before speaking into my ear. "Such a bad move from your side, Kitten. " He said and kissed my neck,my eyes widened as he sucked on my earlobe. "I want to we those titties, Kitten."

I pushed him away with all the strength that I have,my face burned with anger.

The last thing I'll tolerate is the vulgar way he addresses me.

"You won't be seeing my titties any time soon, Ace. My titties are for my eyes only." I said coldly. He chuckled and stare down at me.

How could he be so handsome.

How could he be so irresistible?

His body was ripping with muscles, I guess it's because he is an athlete and his face, oh God. He looked like a god.

A god in his own Kingdom.

His once playful eyes darkened almost immediately. "I will break you," he promised.

I stood tall, matching his furious gaze with mine.

I won't back down without a fight.

"You won't break me, Ace Hampton. I won't let you break me, I won't let you Bully me and I won't let you make me insecure of myself." I said angrily.

"You are for me, Kitten. Mine to break, mine to use and mine to discard." He said and smirked. "I'll see you in practice."

When he left, I sat down on the ground with my face in my hand. 

It was already obvious that my life will be hell in this school.

Ace Hampton has swore to make it hell for me.

After a while, I stood up from the ground and dusted my ass, I quickly wear my shirt and grabbed my games wear from the tree, I was already five minutes late to practice. He made me late!

He is sure going to make my life hell in this school, I just have to be patient. Three months, all I have to stay in Riverside High School is just three months and we will go to our different ways, for good.


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