Chapter 6

 Episode 6_ YES, I AM FOR YOU.

Chapter 6

Ace walked towards the boy that was standing beside the coach.

Who is Anitra Steel? you might ask.

Anitra Steel was ones Ace Hampton's best buddy.

Ace, Anitra and Liam were all a team until something happened.

Nobody knows what happened between the two but Anitra ended up leaving America entirely. and now he is back. obviously Ace didn't like it.

As if Anitra felt Ace's presence behind him, he turned around and smiled.

"Hampton." he called.

"What are you doing here in RHS, Steel?" Ace questioned calmly.

Anitra glanced at the coach and the man cleared his throat.

"Ace, Anitra here is here to finish up with the team." Coach responded.

Ace turned to face the coach, he was angry, furious that his head was about to burst but he refused to show it.

He has learnt to hide his emotions ever since he was a kid.

if you have a mother that is as influencial, popular and a billionaire politician as Veronica Hampton, of course you'd learn to control your emotions.

"What do you mean by that? we have less than three months before graduation. I don't understand why anyone will change school at this point." Ace said casually.

Anitra smirked and raised his eyebrows. "Are you scared, Hampton?" Asked, Anitra.

Ace still appear casual and unconcerned as he replied Anitra. "Why should I be scared of you, Steel? I'm just looking out for you, for old time sake." 

Ace turned and face Coach.

"Training in an hour, right?" he asked.

"Yes, of course." coach responded. 

"Captain, I'll like to have a word wity you." Coach said to Liam. Liam nodded his head and patted Ace's back.

"Keep it cool." he whispered into his ear and smirked at Anitra.

When Liam walked away with the coach, Ace turned to leave but Anitra stopped him.

"I heard something when I was in England." Anitra mumbled and raised his eyebrows thoughtfully.

"Whatever you heard of, I don't care about it." Reply Ace and he walked away.

Ace walked inside an empty classroom angrily.

When he saw Anitra he wanted to punch that fake ass smile off his face.

It annoys him that he came back to Riverside High School after leaving for two years!

Ace sat down on a chair and raised his head to see Cat sitting down on a chair in the front roll.

How did he know that she was the one while he was at the back roll?

Her hair makes her stand out among the students of RHS. Not many people have her type of natural hair and Ace knows it.

He stood up from the chair he was sitting at and started walking up to her.

Liam once told him that he moves around like a ghost. he just had the tendency of walking around quietly that it sometimes scare the students shitless.

When he walked up to her. He pulled on the strand of her golden hair and she shouted out in pain.


He love it when she shout like that. it makes him all excited. her tears, her fears, her smiles. he wanted them all.

he bent over and graze his tongue along her earlobe sensually. "What are you doing here, all alone. Cat?" he asked even when he knew the answer to that question.

She whimpered and tried to stand up but Ace didn't let her.

He released her hair and walked around the desk and pulled a chair out then sat down in front of her.

He noticed the darkness under her eye that even her powder couldn't hide, and the hand mark on her face.

"What are you doing here, Ace?" she questioned all of a sudden. 

Ace smirked and took a strand of her hair between his fingers.

"I asked you that question first, Cat. Answer the fucking question." he bellowed. she shivered and murmured under her breath.

"What did you say?" He asked.

Catherine pushed his hand away and quickly stood up from her chair. 

"Stay away from me, Ace. you have succeeded in making this school a hell for me. A black card student, the girl anyone can bully. You have ruined my life, Ace Hampton! I hope it makes you sleep at night." She said and turned to walked away but Ace acted fast. He grabbed on her wrist and pulled her towards him.

"You don't talk to me like that. You don't raise your voice at me. You will submit and be for me. Is that well understood?" Ace asked, his voice as cold as ice, his eyes raging with sudden fire.

Catherine couldn't stop the whimper that slipped out of her mouth.


Be for him.

She just doesn't understand why he will choose to bully her out of the thousands of people studying in Riverside High School. 

Just why?

What has she done wrong?

She lowered her eyes and sucked in a deep breath then nodded her head.

"I want to hear you say it." He grumbled.

Catherine closed her eyes and let the tears fall down her eyes. She was trying but she couldn't hold it in.

It has been over a week that the whole school started bullying her.

There was a time when she wished to die because she couldn't handle it.

She just couldn't.

Won't it be better if Ace is the only one bullying her?

She can find a way to avoid him.

Ace tightened his grip on her wrist and she winched. 

She knew what he wanted to hear but she couldn't say it. 

If she say it it means she will do absolutely everything and anything he tell her to do.

Catherine bit her lip and exhaled then inhaled.

She let her tears fall freely.

She cried because of how her life has turned out.

She cried for the next three months of pain she will have to endure.

She cried for herself.

How is she going to study hard and come out with an excellent result so that Oxford will admit her?

Looking at her state of mind, the possibility is 50/50.

She has no other choice but to endure it.

Three months.

Just three months.

She is bigger than. She can endure it.

And the word slipped out of her mouth.

"Yes, I'll be for you."


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