Chapter 96


Ace sat down on the bed beside Catherine and took her hand that has all sorts of wire fixed on it in his hand and sniffed in.

“I'm sorry, Butterfly.” He whispered. He should have cut out the bullshits and had Chelsey walked out of the restaurant, but for some time he thought that it was cute seeing Catherine stand up for herself.

He had no idea that Chelsey would go to the extent of physically harming her, he never thought of the possibility of such thing happening.

The door was gently pulled opened and a nurse walked in. She smiled at Ace and walked around to Catherine's side of the bed. "Good afternoon, Mr Hampton."she greeted him.

"Good morning, Nurse. " Ace responded calmly. It has been more than 6 hours and Catherine was yet to wake up. It scared him a lot.

The nurse checked the drip connected to Catherine's body and checked her body temperature then write it down on her chart.

."She will wake up very soon. Don't worry." The nurse told him.

He truly hope so.

After the nurse le
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Chareita Smit
In hospital patiënten get a cup with a straw
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next please

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