Chapter 99


It was the final court hearing of the case between Mr. Alexander Meyers and Mrs. Danielle Meyers.

It was a famous case being held on TV screen where everyone can watch it.

Veronica Hampton was sitting down on her office, her laptop in front of her as she watch the trial.

"Your honor, Catherine Meyers Hampton was loved by my client. He provided for her. Sent her to the best school in the whole of United States of America. If my client had anything else planned for her he wouldn't have let her acquire education. My client is innocent." The defendant attorney claimed.

"Objection, your honor." Said the plaintiff as he stood up from his chair.

"Overruled, Defendant, you can continue."

Veronica Hampton balled her hand in a tight fist and slammed it on the desk.

She grabbed the telephone on her desk and speak into it get inside my office right now, Mereda.

A few seconds later she walked inside the office standing in front of Veronica Hampton.

"You call for me Mrs Hampton." She

Note that I know nothing about how a criminal case goes and everything that I've learnt so far are from watching videos and Google search. Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome in a polite manner. XOXO.

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Hauwa Linda Anavberokhai
U are doing well my love. Great work
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Desni M R Simmiolkjier
This whole novel was a waste of time with your spelling and grammatical errors for it to end like this Catherine should have gotten pregnant at least
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Andréa Garcia Baran Modesto
Does the book end like this?? Chapters are talking, please say it doesn't end like this

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