5. Wild Encounter.

***Daisy's POV.***

I wear a layered necklace of gold which ends between my almost busting out breasts and big hoop earrings. Dani has worn a white ruched bodycon and matching heels. She curled my hair to make it bounce around me. I wear white heels and take a matching clutch.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to be late for the little roleplay I planned with my boyfriend.” Dani says as we go down holding hands.

“Cute.” I say and giggle. And so does she.

We take the cab as we would not be coming back alone at least not Dani. She said that she is already booking another cab for me in case Dani forgets it because of her boyfriend.

We reach a pub and the music feels good. Dani orders margarita while I take sangaria. We drank up and hit the floor. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun.

 Dani and I dance for a while when a man joins her and when she moves with him, it is definitely her boyfriend, Davis. She excuses herself with him and I smile to myself when I see them leaving.

Before I could leave the floor, someone grabbed my hand and turned me around and I collided with a hard chest. I go to punch his face but I stop when I see it is the one person I was waiting to meet for the past two months.

“I hope you wouldn’t mind me keeping you company while your friend is otherwise busy.” Theo says as he smiles down at me but he looks at me like he has seen me for the first time.

“You don’t remember me?” I ask just to be sure.

“Have we met before? Because that is impossible. I wouldn’t have forgotten a pretty face like yours for sure.” He says with confusion in his eyes.

I smile to myself and say, “No, we haven’t. I was just feeling like we must have met before. My mistake. Sorry.”

“No need to be sorry. It is time to be thankful.” He says.

“For what?” I ask with a coy smile.

“That we can dance.” He says and swings me around like I weigh nothing.

I finally let out a giggle and dance with me. How many times have I imagined this scenario in my head and got disappointed when someone else used to be in his arms? But today I am in his arms dancing away the night.

I am a little disappointed that he doesn’t know who I am but his punishment would be the shock he would get when he knows exactly who I am. Also I don’t feel guilty. I like being where I am right now.

I like the feel of his hand on my waist. I like the feel of his shoulders under the palm of my hands. I also like when he would occasionally put it on my thigh to wrap it around his waist to do a dance.

“Would you like a drink?” He asks me and I nod.

He takes my hand in a possessive way, as if he doesn’t want anybody else to dance with me. He takes me towards a private booth far in the corner and orders for a drink.

“So what is your lovely name?” He asks, after giving a peck on the back of my hand.

“Izzy, yours?” I ask.

“Theo.” He says.

The reason I gave it that name is that one my friend used to tease me with it and it is the only name I could think of right now. Maybe Izzy would sound much better when he would call me that.

“Izzy.” He says and yes, it sounds better, “I am a straightforward man. I want you, tonight.”

My heart skips a beat and I ask, “And why would you think I want the same?”

“Your eyes say so. And your body too.” He says as he comes closer to me.

I can’t breathe anything, but his exotic scent and pub music is not making it any easier. I am sure my heartbeats are in sync with the beats of the music. If only I were Izzy and meeting this man for the first time.

“I don’t do casual things.” I say.

“My bad.” He says and backs away, but I stop him by grabbing hold of his sleeve.

“That doesn’t mean I don't think about bending some rules.” I say.

“And what would make you do that?” He asks with heat in his eyes, which are ready to burn me.

“If you make it worthwhile, I won’t mind anything.” I say.

From inside, I am literally screaming. He would know in one go that I am far too inexperienced. A virgin in every way. But I don't want to back away. The excitement is making me lose my sanity, but I don’t care. Right at this moment, I want this so much as he comes closer.

“What would make you believe I am worthy of bending your rules?” He asks.

“A kiss. But beware, it has been a while since I last kissed. So my expectations could be high.” I say. So this would make him think my inexperience is because it has been a while since I have kissed someone.

“That's very easy.” He says and next second I am sitting on his lap with his one arm around my waist.

“I hope so too.” I whisper as he makes my head bend down for my first ever kiss.

And what a kiss it is. Never ever I had thought my first kiss would be this good. Every one of my friends and colleagues said that you can’t expect your first kiss to be good. But I beg to differ so much.

His soft and warm lips kiss and lick every inch of my lips so sweetly that I feel dizzy. I gasp when he nips my lips, and he takes advantage of it and his tongue invades my mouth. At first, I was confused, but his encouragement made me follow his moves and that’s when I lost all my senses altogether.

I tightened my arms around his shoulder and ran my fingers through his glossy black hairs as I explored his lips now. Our body moves to the rhythm of its own as he rubs himself against me and I feel a pull down to my core.

We break the kiss as we both become breathless. I lean my head on his shoulder while he buries his face in my neck and gives small pecks on my neck now and then. He makes me sit next to him when a server comes and I straighten myself. I touched my lips just to be sure that was all not a dream.

“A minute there you made me forget we are not in the privacy of my room. So, what do you think?” He says as he gives me a glass of sangria.

“How do you know I want to drink this?” I ask as I take it.

“Maybe my eyes stopped at you the second you entered.” He says.

“Thanks.” I say with a coy smile, which is so unlike me.

“So, am I going to get my answer or not?” He asks and looks keen to get the answer out of me.

I smile to myself and think it is not bad to act some more for tonight, but I know the minute he would know I am a virgin he would run the other way at the speed of lightning. And if I spend the night and he comes to know who I am, there would be a bigger chance that he will never talk to me for forever. I thought about prolonging the night a little.

“I really want to say yes. But I don’t think I could get over you after just one night. That’s too short a time to enjoy this.” I say as I wave my hand between us and sip at my drink, which is making me braver.

“You are not wrong. I also think that one night won’t be enough.” Theo says, as if confessing a deep, dark secret.

I feel a shiver run down my back when he caresses the side of my neck with his fingertips and can’t resist the urge to kiss him again. He leans down as if understanding what I want and we were so close to kissing when somebody invades the booth and I back right away when I see who it is.

“Daisy, what are you doing here?” Noah says but stops when he sees Theo, “You are fast.” 

“Daisy?” Theo says and the look on his face is out of this world and so comical.

But something in his eyes makes me feel like he is struggling like hell as if he should want me or not after knowing my actual identity. And I so want him to want me even after knowing that.

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