“I know my mate is here. I smelled her when I entered your pack house, and I won’t leave until I have found her.”

That was just my luck, the dreamy voice has a mate. I lowered my head and quickly ran outside past the cracked doorway. I ran and ran as the tears began to fall. I half heartedly felt my mother wrap me in a tight hug.

“Baby, shhh. What’s wrong talk to momma.” She cooed as she stroke my hair.

I continued to sob on her shoulders until I remembered Luna Amber needed her.

“I will tell you later. But the seed of Satan summoned you.” I choked out.

Numbly I continued walking towards the edge of the borders where I liked to vanish. Last year I found this old unvisited lake and began clearing it up. It became my personal oasis, my own slice of heaven. I came here whenever I had a really bad day. Today was one of those. My 18th birthday would be in just a few hours, but that’s not what’s wrong. I can’t explain it, but hearing the voice then hearing it saying it found it’s mate hurt deeply. How could I feel like this over a man I never met? Never dated? I needed to remember, I am an Omega. It was time I finally grew up and stopped chasing silly childhood fantasies. The thought of an Omega finding a mate, even if it wasn’t forbidden by the Alpha, was laughable.

“Who was I kidding? I’m nothing special.” I sobbed out skipping a rock on the water.

It has been a few days since I have been allowed to shower, and luckily my supplies were still here. I quickly glanced around making sure I was completely alone, then stripped completely. I made my way slowly into the lukewarm waters, no matter what season, the waters were always warm. It always helped to ease the pains from my beating. I dove into the water trying to cleanse my mind of that voice. When my head popped up I was startled by a low growl.

Gasping in fear I frantically looked around for help. I don’t know how but during my panic I could feel something inside me calling to someone.

‘Help! Rouges. We are stuck in human form! Please hurry.’

The voice kept repeating as if it truly believed a lowly Omega like me could mind link someone. We have always felt the difference from the others in the pack. We have been through a lot these years. More and more noticing the coming change as it got closer to our birthday. Oh how I wished to be like the others. The rouge  growled menacingly as it approached.

Suddenly towards my left, a giant white wolf appeared. It pounced on the rouge and they tumbled into the forest. Without a second glance I swam quickly towards the bank, grabbed my stuff and ran back to the pack house. I could hear the growls and howls of pain as I ran. Thankful to be alive I closed the door, slid to the floor and held myself.

“Sam! Baby are you ok?” My mom asked as she banged on my door.

Taking a deep breath I slowly stood up, got dressed before I opened the door for her.

“I’m fine, mom. Just scared. How did a rouge enter the lands, let alone sense me? I’m just a wolf less Omega. But..” I started but shook the thoughts away.

I wanted to tell her everything, but I figured it was just a fluke. Still, no one knows where the lake is, so, who is the white wolf and how did he find me?

“Sam, you know I can tell something is on your mind. Talk to me please. You ran in here like your life depended on it. Please tell me what happened.” She begged with tears in her eyes.

Sighing, I knew if I didn’t tell her she would just keep asking and asking until I did, so I started.

“I went to wash in my spot. When I came up there was this hideous rouge staring at me with blood shot eyes. I knew I was dead for sure. But, somehow, there was this voice in my head calming me and reaching out to someone. I know it’s crazy mom, so please don’t look at me like that. I don’t know what is going on maybe I need sleep.”

I paused looking at my mom for her reaction. I thought she would have brushed it off, said I’m just sleep deprived, crazy or something. However, she just sat there chewing on her bottom lip. She appeared as if she was deep in thought. So I continued.

“I know it’s crazy, but there has been a lot of weird stuff going on lately. I just don’t get it, Omegas don’t have a wolf.”

“Strange like how?” My mother questioned as she motioned for me to sit.

I complied and figured I might as well start from the beginning. It feels good to let it out, normally I hold everything in, so maybe just maybe that’s why I’m going crazy. Ever since I was little, I always knew I was different. It was almost as if I had a sense of things to come. The other Omegas hated it, because every time they tried to trip me, scare me, anything really I could sense it. So, I was always prepared for it. Mom knew and just said maybe I was a special Omega. Lately however, the feelings grew stronger closer to my birthday. I sat there trying to figure out where to begin so I decided to just start with earlier today.

“I had to take the tray in to the Alpha and Luna. I knew she was going to try to blame me for her drink being spilled. When I zoned out just before you sent me, I was really seeing it all happen. That’s why I tried to get you to send someone else. When I went to clean up the mess as Alpha Alex ordered, there were guests in the hallway. One was the Alpha King, but the other was a Warlock. Alpha wasn’t happy he was on the lands without approval. Did you know Warlocks just look like normal people like us, not the hideous creatures Luna Amber told us about?”

I paused remembering the way the Alpha King started at me, as if he could see deep inside my soul.

“The strange part was, the Alpha locked eyes with mine, and my body reacted to it. Then when Luna Amber was dragging me to the dungeons for being in the hallway, I heard his voice again.” I blushed at the feeling his voice had on me.

“He said he found his mate and I felt broken. It’s weird to feel that way about someone I never met. So I tried to wash everything away like always when the rouge ruined it. The voice in my head kept calling to someone saying we were weak right now, that we had been through a lot and have no wolf to please hurry. Then bam, a white wolf appeared and I ran here.”

I paused and watched as a shocked expression appeared on my mother’s face.

“It finally happened, I am going crazy right?” I questioned mainly to myself.

My mother sighed.

“We need to talk.”

Was all she said before she got up and headed towards her room. She turned around motioning me to follow.

“Great, I am going crazy.” I said as I followed her.

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