“The car is waiting for you, we should leave.”

“Will I be returning tonight?”

“No, you will return tomorrow in the morning; the courtesy of the Queen.”

“I should thank her then.”

“I will pass that to her, right now we need to leave.”

She left with Jane and the car was waiting for her. They showed her respect which felt very weird considering the fact that she was waiting tables just an hour ago. There were still guests in the palace and there were staring at her.

For a moment she thought she heard what they were talking about which was very hilarious. She shook her head and entered the car. The car drove off and she watched as she left the palace with two more cars shielding the one, she was in. her life suddenly changed and she needed answers.

Prince Neal didn’t love her, so why did he resort to this instead of just marrying Chloe?

An hour later the car drove into her compound and her grandmother was waiting outside. The second the car stopped, she rushed out of the car and ran into her nanaba’s embrace.

“I missed you,” she said tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry pumpkin, let’s go inside and talk.”

She followed her nanaba inside and took a seat next to her.

“I prepared your favorite dumplings,” she said pointing to the plates on the table.

“Thank you,” she said smiling and reaching for the plate.

“I know you have questions but there will be answers one day. What I want you to know is from today going onwards you should be strong and embrace what’s coming.”

“What do you mean nana?”

“What did you see today at the palace? What was weird before you got selected?”

“I was going to fetch some water when I saw this painting; I suddenly got dizzy and felt as if I was seeing things. It was too much that I couldn’t see well for a time before the prince rescued me.”

“So, it has already begun?”

“What is happening nanaba?”

“You are special kid. I thought you will be able to live a normal life just like any other children but I guess I was just joking myself. You have a gift and that painting was just the beginning. You will see things, hear things that can make you wish you didn’t but that’s how you will live your life.

If you hadn’t been chosen to be a royal consort then it would have been easier but I guess I have to teach you a few things. We only have tonight to talk it out and you will be busy.”

“I don’t want to leave you nana.”

“I know but you must. I will always be here for you. Now be a good girl and listen,” nanaba said and she did.

Nanaba began to narrate the story and it was just a story she had heard so many times but somehow it made sense today than other days. If that’s what she was then she was really going to have abnormal days ahead of her but at least her nanaba had been open to her and told her all she had to know.

“I will not forget it,” she said.

“You are not angry at me at all?”

“How can I be? You made me who I am today. If it wasn’t for you then there wouldn’t be me. I’m grateful that you raised me nana and I will always love you,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.


It’s been tough for her ever since she left her nanaba at home. The Queen had made sure that she was taken care of while she got busy taking her lessons. Why was it so hard to be just part of a family, it’s not like she asked for it in the beginning.

What was even more absurd was the fact that Neal hadn’t showed up at all. It was as if he just dumped her and went on his own. The lessons were finally coming to an end since she was doing the rituals for her wedding.

Why did she have to spend a night with a man who didn’t love her?

“Congratulations Princess, your lessons are done,” Jane said.

“I’m not yet one. Just call me by my name, that feels so distant,” she said sipping some water.

Jane put on her smile, she knew just how much she didn’t like to be called in that way and yet she continued to do that.

“Since we are done here, you should return to your room and in two hours someone will come and escort you to the Queens room.”


Talia returned to her room which she had gotten used to be in. there was everything she needed in there; a huge bed, a couch and a huge TV. The news was becoming something she just didn’t want to watch at all. She kept appearing every day on the news.

Her past was all plastered everywhere. So many negative remarks, was it a crime to be born poor and have the energy to work and support one’s family?

She took a shower and changed into one of the evening dresses placed in her closet. She was getting used to it even though it was uncomfortable most of the time. Her wedding was in two days and her groom happens to be at school at the moment.

She sat on the couch and switched the TV on, she changed the channel and put the animal channel, it was better that way. There was a knock on her door and she stood up and walked to the door and opened it. To her surprise he was standing there holding a bouquet of flowers.

“You remember that I exist!”

“I didn’t know you were that fierce,” he said as he handed her the flowers.

She took them with a smile and let him enter.

“You should have thought about that before you put the ring on my finger. You have time to take it back, you know.”

“Too bad I don’t plan to.”

“So, why did you come?”

“I have to take you to see mother.”

“I can go there alone.”

“I know but we should go together. Besides I wanted to talk to you about something.”

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