He was so handsome she regretted spouting so much nonsense to him. She felt jealousy that he held someone so dear in his heart and yet he was marrying her just to spite her. Being used by him was just painful and she could only just vent out on him.

“You are tired, return to your room now,” he said.

“Goodnight,” she said and turned her back on him.

She knew he was angry and she was very sorry about it but she was glad that she said it or else she won’t be able to sleep well that night.

She entered her room and removed the evening dress she wore that night and changed into her night wear. The moon was shining so brightly in the night sky and she couldn’t leave her room but just admire it through the window.

She looked at the moon and began to meditate the words her nana told her the night she saw her. The more she said them the more she felt very calm. After that she crawled into her bed and slept.


Talia had breakfast in her room; she didn’t feel like leaving at all. After her breakfast she began to watch TV, she had given up on Neal. After what had happened the previous night there was no way he was going to take her out that day. She was probably going to see him on her wedding day, the next day.

Busy enjoying the show on her screen, there was a knock.

“Please, enter,” she called out not wanting to stand up.

The door opened and Jane walked in holding a huge box.

“Good morning, Your Highness.”

“Jane, what are you doing here early this morning?” she asked.

“I come bearing gifts,” she said.

“From who?”

“Prince Neal, he said you should put it on. He will be waiting for you.”

She quickly stood up and opened the box. She was amazed by its contents. She took the t-shirt out and the shorts that followed.

“Am I allowed to wear this?” she asked Jane.

“You are; he bought it for you after all.”

“Then I won’t waste it,” she said happily and ran to the bathroom and changed into the clothes Neal had bought for her.

She missed wearing like this and it felt so good. She came out and Jane was still there.

“You look like Talia that I know,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“It shocked me too. Where is he?”

“At the entrance; have a nice day.”

“You too, Jane.”

Talia walked with quick steps and took the elevator to the ground floor. She found Neal standing by his McLaren P1; it was a very beautiful car worth millions of dollars. The benefits of being rich, you could have anything you want. He smiled at her to her surprise and reached out his hand for hers.

She extended her hand and he helped her into the car. She put on the seatbelt while he helped himself.

“You look gorgeous,” he said as he starts the engine.

“You too and thank you for the clothes.”

“I’m glad you like them.”

“I thought you would be angry at me and cancel the date.”

“I wouldn’t. I made a promise and I should keep it. You said it yourself; I made the bed so I should lie in it.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“I know. For now, let’s forget about all that and go out and have some fun.”


Neal drove out of the palace with two more cars behind them.

“I noticed that you don’t have a phone so we should rectify that.”

“There is no need really.”

“There is, you will be my wife tomorrow and it won’t be appropriate if you don’t own a phone. What kind of a husband would that make me?”

She smiled hearing that, he was a considerate guy after all.

“Whatever you say, I will do it.”

“That’s my girl,” he said and stepped on the accelerator.

“Don’t drive fast, we might…”

“Don’t ever say that again. It will bring bad luck,” he said looking at her.

“I won’t then.”

She sat there in the car listening to music as Neal drove them. Neal finally stopped at the city’s biggest shopping mall. It was filled with people and she wondered why he had to bring them here of all places.

“Do you want people to tramp all over me?”

“They wouldn’t dare and it won’t do you any good to be stuck in the palace. How about we give people something new to talk about?”

“I can’t believe you at all.”

“Come, let’s have some fun.”

She placed her hand in his as he guided her through the mall. If it wasn’t because of the guards shielding them form the civilian then it was going to be difficult.

“I shouldn’t have worn this at all,” she said thinking of her costume.

“You should dress your age despite of who you are. Just forget about everything and have fun with me okay?”

“You have to buy me something first if you want that.”

“Now you are talking. What do you want?”

“I will show you if I see it.”

“It’s a deal, now let’s go to that shop,” he said pointing to a shop selling cell phones.

They entered the shop and there were a variety of them all over. She never really had much money to buy a new phone before. The last time she bought one, it got lost.

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