Neal was still a university student at the capital biggest university. He was in his third year. It was the royal family’s tradition for every prince to marry before he turns twenty-one years of age. The ceremony was arriving for him to choose his bride and the only person he could choose was Chloe. He had promised to make her his in front of everyone. Make everyone bow to her and respect her.

A week before the ceremony he decided to surprise her at her house. He didn’t call in advance and just went there. What he wasn’t expecting was to see his girlfriend and best friend making out as if it was normal. He was speechless and couldn’t confront them at all.

The only thing he could do was simply to withdraw and act as if he never saw it. He planned to trample on the promise he made and make sure that she suffers the most humiliation she could ever get in her life. She stomped on his heart and he was going to do this same too.

As if everything was normal, he kept talking to the two but he stopped being intimate with Chloe. He couldn’t stand it at all. How long had they been doing this behind his back?

The day of the selection finally arrived and he had no idea who to select. On his way to the hall he met this server. She looked different. She was so into the painting that was hanging on the corridor wall.

That painting wasn’t his favorite. He always wondered why his mother put it there. It was weird and he just couldn’t understand it at all. All of a sudden, the girl was acting as if she had been possessed.

At first, he thought she was trying to catch his attention but he realized she had no idea anyone was there so he rushed to save her before she fell to the ground. It was after he saved her that he felt a bit calm.

There was something about her that he liked but he just couldn’t pinpoint it. He talked with her for a while but he saw that she didn’t know him at all which was shocking. Was she just ignorant or just looking for his attention?

He left her and went along with his journey. Later he entered the hall with his mother and the ceremony proceeded. He saw Chloe seated among other noble ladies looking as beautiful as she always does. His heart really ached for her but there was no way he was going to take such an unfaithful woman to be his wife even though he loved her.

He finally began to walk among the ladies to pick his bride but he didn’t like what he saw. Most of them were just there to make a name for themselves. They were all full of motives but she was standing there smiling.

That was one innocent smile, so pure without any motives and he found himself walking towards her. He could tell that they were all staring and Chloe’s gaze was burning through him but his eyes could only see her. The girl whose name he didn’t even know.

He reached her and talked to her first. It was then that he realized she really didn’t see him but she could recognize his voice. What had happened to her back then?

She wasn’t the type that could be moved by money but seemed loyal so he made a deal with her and she agreed. It was when he put the ring on her finger, he saw how shocked she was. He was really sorry to her but it was done now.

His mother gave them her blessings and just like that Talia began her lessons. He felt so guilty that he couldn’t visit her. What would he say to her?

He forced her into a life that she didn’t want. To make up for what he did; he has people to look after her nana who was sick. She was the only person she had and he didn’t want her to lose her.

He was at school one day after his princess selection. Chloe didn’t come to school for four days and he never bothered to call or visit her.

He was in class busy reading when she suddenly burst in and all the students’ just left the room to give them space.

“Who do you think you are?” Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs and he just stared at her.

She approached him and stood in front of him.

“I have a book I need to finish so if you don’t mind, I would love to be left alone,” he told her.

“How could you humiliate me like that? After everything we have been through. You picked a nobody to become your bride. Are you playing some kind of tricks on me?”

“I wish I was but I’m not. She deserves to be my bride. You lost that right the second you let Ben climb into your bed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t you dare pretend as if you don’t know? How could you do that to me after everything I did for you? I loved you and gave you my all and yet you cheat on me with my best friend. How could be so heartless?”

“Neal I ……”

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