“So, it’s true, now you can’t even defend yourself. I saw you with my own eyes and couldn’t ask you at all. I wanted you to feel the same pain I did when I found out about you two. Just leave me alone Chloe.

I will not tell anyone about it to show you some respect because of our past affection but from now on please stay away from me as possible. I have a wife I need to care about.”

“Don’t do this to me Neal, please. I’m sorry, it just happened.”

“I don’t care how it happened really. I just want you out of my sight or else I will tell every media outlet there about you and see whether you can walk holding your head high,” he threatened her.

Chloe wiped away her tears and withdrew from the class. He slapped the book on the table and closed her eyes. It was really painful; he loves her but he just couldn’t do anything about it now.

“Neal!” Jasper his other

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