Her nanaba had warned her that it would come announced but she never thought it would come now. She closed her eyes and began to meditate when she suddenly fell into a slumber. It was like a dream but it felt so real. She saw the back of a woman walking; she looked old from the back considering the silver hair.

She was curious so she followed her for a long time before the woman suddenly stopped and picked a peony flower and turned around. She was surprised that she fell to the ground. She looked exactly like her, how was that even possible?

“Who are you?” she asked the woman.

“I am you and you are me,” she answered her.

“What’s happening here?”

“Take this,” she said giving her the flower and she stood up and took it.

“I’m going to tell you a story, everything is true so pay attention because we don’t have much time,” she said.

She nodded her head in respons

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