“I have never done this before,” Talia confessed as she stood right in front of him after their romantic dinner in the royal villa, they were residing in for their one-week honey moon.

He could tell she was scared and innocent. He had only slept with one woman and now he had to consummate his marriage or else all hell will break loose. Talia was likeable and he had no doubt she would be just the right one for him now.

Neal titled her chin up and gazed into those emerald green eyes.

“You don’t know have to know how to do anything,” he said sliding his and along her jaw and down her throat, where he could feel the wild beat of her pulse. Her heart raced, drumming through his fingernails.

“I know what to do, this is my job,” he reassured her.

Dipping his head, he kissed the side of her neck, her jaw and then the corner of her lips. Her lower lip quivered and he kissed the quiver.

Talia shivered as Neal

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