He immediately carried her out of the tub. She was bleeding and seemed to have fallen in the tub. Not waiting for an ambulance, he put a gown on her and drove her immediately to the nearest hospital where she got admitted immediately. After some minutes the doctor came out.

“She is fine but has a concussion. After some rest she will be fine.”

“Is she awake?”

“That’s the problem, everything seems to be fine but she is just not waking up. She is responding, I guess she might be stressed.”

“Can I go in and see her now?”

“Yes, you can.”

Neal went inside the room and saw Talia lying there as if she was sleeping. Did she overhead his conversation with Chloe earlier and ended up like this? Because he was panicking, he called back home. His mother was even more furious and told him that their doctor would be arriving and then they were returning back to Qarth.

He stayed in her

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