Neal left Talia with his mother and the first place he went was the bar. He took out a beer and gulped it down as fast as he could. Who did he marry? What was going on? If that was what she was capable of when she was just angry, what more would she do in the future?

He was doomed and didn’t know what to do at all. Drowning himself in alcohol as his wife was lying on the bed, his honeymoon interrupted and all the drama, he just wanted the earth to swallow him.

“I knew I could find you here,” Jane one of the long serving maids of the palace said.

“What do you want? Did my mother send you?”

“No, she didn’t but I’m here to tell you about Talia.”

“Is there something more I need to know apart from what I have seen already?”

“There is a lot you don’t know and I will tell you all bout so that you won’t regret it.”

“Okay, I’m all ears. Tell m

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