The movie was an epic one and she really enjoyed it to the fullest. Holding her popcorn, she went out of the cinema after the movie ended and bumped into someone she wanted to see.

“Fancy meeting you here Chloe,” she said feeling happy with what she was seeing.

Neal suddenly came to a halt upon seeing Chloe. He didn’t understand what was happening but the look on his wife and Chloe’s wasn’t scary at all.

“You are the person I wanted to see. Neal, you don’t mind if I borrow your wife for a few minutes right?” Chloe asked him and he just looked at Talia.

“That’s good. Let’s grab something to eat while we are on it. I get constantly hungry nowadays,” Talia said.

“Perfect, I am hungry too.”

In disbelief Neal watched as the two ladies left smiling and not fighting each other at all as if they had been friends for centuries. He realized later that Chloe was with so

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