Ch 6 All Three?

After school, the triplets and Thea went out to the field to lead pack training. They split into four different groups and ran drills. When they came back together for conditioning, the triplets hugged and kissed Thea, ignoring everyone else on the field.

“Woah,” one of the junior boys said. “Is this a new part of training?” He pulled his girlfriend to him and kissed her. Other people started making comments and asking questions. “Are they finally together?” “What does this mean?”

Kai reluctantly let her go but grabbed her hand. Conri had his hand around her waist, and Alaric held her other hand.

“Thea’s ours,” the triplets said in unison. She blushed. “And we’re hers. Anything you want to add?” They looked at her. She shook her head. The triplets took a moment, and each looked every person in the eye, seeing if there were any challenges to what they just announced. No challenges. Everyone was happy for them. They expected this. They wanted it for the pack. They wanted Thea as their Luna.

“Finally!” Lizzy said with her hand on her hip. “Can’t believe it took you this long.”

“Okay, okay,” Thea said. “Conditioning time.” She led the group until everyone was lying on the grass, spent. “Great job today. Let’s go chill in the common room!”

Everyone went back to the pack house. It was a giant building, like a sprawling hotel. It had six floors above ground with event rooms, guest rooms, pool, gym, balconies, dining hall, and living quarters for most of the pack. Some pack members lived further into the pack lands in private dwellings. Below ground were the dungeons. The top floor was only for the Alpha, Beta, and their families. 

The Alpha owned hotels. It's how his family made their money a few generations back. Then they invested in the stock market, and the pack hasn’t worried about money since. They had pack members go to school for financial planning to manage the pack finances and investments, and others went to business school to maintain the hotels. 

While Thea and the triplets went up to the top floor where their rooms were, the rest used the communal showers on the second floor. Then they all met in one of the common rooms to hang out. There were giant TVs, couches, bean bags, pool table, ping pong table, all sorts of board games, and entertainment.

“It’s so good to see you together with the future Alphas finally,” Lizzy said.  

“Are you dating all three of them?” a sophomore girl said.

“I don’t know if you can call it dating if you haven’t been on a date yet,” Thea said. “I mean, it only started this morning.”

“But all three?”

“Yes,” Thea said.

“How does that work?”

“I don’t know,” Thea said. “The four of us have always been together. I can’t explain it. It feels right. I can’t imagine not having one of them.”

“Probably because you’re mates,” a freshman girl said dreamily.

“You’ll make the best Luna,” another freshman girl said.

Everyone nodded and voiced their agreement.

Thea shook her head. “That’s, no. I’m a fighter.” She hadn’t considered that. She was going to be Beta, not Luna.

The triplets came over, peaches in their hands. They started to pull Thea over to a couch, but she insisted they mingle with everyone instead of monopolizing her. The group played games until pack dinner. 

The triplets tried to get Thea to sit on one of their laps at dinner, but Thea insisted it was inappropriate with all the adults. 

After dinner, they each went to their rooms. The triplets stopped at their doors and looked at each other. They went in, changed into pajamas, then went to Thea’s room. She walked out of her bathroom in a towel, and all three were lying on her bed.

“Like old times, huh?” Thea said.

“Hopefully not exactly like old times,” Conri said.

She went to her dresser, pulled out underwear and pajamas, went back to her bathroom. She put on her clothes, then came out and jumped into the pile of triplets. 

Hands roamed and pulled at her, but Conri managed to get her on top of him in a liplock. He squeezed her ass and pushed his erection against her. Then he flipped her over so he was on top between her legs. He aligned his hard length with her core, and she moaned when he pushed against her.

“Wait,” she said. 

What the girls said to her was weighing on her. What did it mean that they were together? They were all going to shift in two months—they shared the same birthday—and then they would all be able to find their mates. More importantly, they would find out they weren’t mates as soon as they shifted. She couldn’t be with them if they weren’t mates. When they each found their mates, she would be devastated. She didn’t want anyone else to have them. She couldn’t imagine caring about and wanting anyone else. The thought of having them and losing them was too much.

“What is it?” Conri said.

“I,” she said. “I want to go slow.”

“I can take it slow, babe,” Conri said. He started kissing her neck and rubbing against her core, painfully slowly. Alaric and Kai caressed her, sending tingles and heat throughout her body. She melted into the feelings they generated and reached for them. Her legs slid up Conri’s sides and wrapped around his hips. She never wanted this to end.

She shook her head, remembering it could and probably would end in two months. 

“No. I mean, this is all happening too fast. I need to slow it down.”

“Are you okay?” Alaric said. He tucked her hair behind her ear.

“What’s going on, darling?” Kai said. He rubbed her arm.

Conri scooted down and propped himself up on his elbows. “What are you thinking?” 

She chewed her lip. “Are you all okay with me being with all of you?” 

“We’ve always shared you. You’re ours,” Conri said.

“You don’t want to be with anyone else?” Thea said.

“We told you this morning. Always you. Only you,” Kai said.

“What about—” she couldn’t finish. 

“What?” Alaric said.

“Let’s make it like old times tonight. Just sleep.”

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Anyone else notice there is chapters missing?
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Genevieve Mendoza
Interesting story
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Love this book, just hope they are mates

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