Ch 10 Take Care of Her

The triplets took Thea to Dr. Boman, the pack doctor, in the west wing of the pack house. He was a kind but serious middle-aged wolf with short brown hair and brown eyes. He relocated her shoulder and put her arm in a sling.

“You’ll need to wear this for a few days to immobilize the area so it can heal,” Dr. Boman said. “Stay close to them. You’ll heal faster.” 

Being close to your mate helped you heal faster. Did everyone think they were mates? 

“You’ll heal faster once you shift, but since that’s still a few months away, you have to take it easy. You have a concussion. Head injuries are serious. No training until I say so. No strenuous activity.” He looked at the triplets. “Future Alphas, did you hear that? No strenuous activity. That mean

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Connie Fulbright
I like this story line
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Touched By A Vamp
I love that their parents knew all along
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Julie Reagan Cox
Will be a strong leader

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