Ch 189 Phone Call
“Luna, something’s happening over here at Moonbeam,” Doris mind linked Thea. Doris was at Alpha Ford’s pack overseeing their clothing operation like she did most days. “I think we need you. The pack is talking about vampires.”

“What are vampires doing at Moonbeam instead of New Dawn?”

“Sounds like they’re attacking.”

“I’m coming,” Thea mind linked her. She handed the pup she was nursing to a nanny. “Are you safe, Doris?”

“Yes. It’s happening at Moonbeam’s pack house. I’m at the clothing house.”

“Good. Good. I’ll be there soon.” Thea mind linked the triplets and Delta team. She included the Valkyries in their telepathic communication. “Moonbeam is under attack by vampires. Heading there now.”

“We’re coming,” everyone mind linked her.

“Meet me at Moonbeam’s pack house.”

Thea tried to stand up from the chair she was sitting on, but her big belly got in the way. Josh and Xavier each grabbed an arm and helped her up. They had been working with the newborns.

“Thanks, guys,” Thea sa
Samantha Doyle

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Also still and Ludger finally mated but time we heard from them. i love this book
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Slyprawn fortnite
I am really enjoying this book
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Terri Morgan
Endless pregnancies

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