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The delivery wasn’t going well. The pups were too worked up.

“They’ll tear their way out of her at this rate,” Doctor Brown said.

“We have to perform a C-section,” Doctor Heller said.

The triplets looked at Thea.

“It’s fine. Do it.” Thea looked at Xavier. She didn’t have to say anything.

“I don’t think they were hurt by the tainted Life magic the way you are, but I’ll give them each my blood and make sure they’re okay,” he said.

“Thank you,” Thea said.

The doctors prepped Thea quickly. The triplets tensed when Doctor Heller put scalpel to skin. They hated seeing Thea open on the table.

Xavier gave each pup some of his blood as they came out to be sure everything was okay. After the last one was out, Xavier gave Thea his blood, and shortly after, her body was healed and back to normal.

She went to her pups, and the triplets joined her. The pups were crying and thrashing hard enough to work themselves out of their swaddled blankets.

“Goddess, they’re strong,” Thea said.

Samantha Doyle

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Jenifer Pearson
the wait is driving me freaking crazy that's my only
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I’m enjoying this entire book so far but I really loved this chapter!
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the witches wanted the ashes for spells and potions and whatnot

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