Ch 192 Thomas
Thea lifted an eyebrow. "I imagine not," she said.

"It's true that, a few weeks ago," Thomas said. "I saw you as nothing but a tool. Once I smelled you, maybe also a delicious blood bag, but something I could mold into mine for my use. That's how it's been for centuries. It's not an excuse, but I hope you see it wasn't personal."

He studied Thea’s face to see if she was softening toward him. She wasn't.

"I haven't had to persuade someone with words in centuries. I apologize. I'm rusty."

"You just mind control anyone who disagrees, don’t do? Or does no one disagree?" Thea said.

Thomas shrugged. "There are always newborns who don't know how things work."

"You haven't had to answer to anyone in centuries, have you?" Thea said.

"No, and I must say, it's uncomfortable. However, I can see I'm outmatched. My powers are useless here. Didn't see that coming. Your Valkyries are faster and stronger than us and obviously devoted to you. If that weren't enough, you can turn me to dust with
Samantha Doyle

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AJ Rodriguez
I think you've shown with Xavier that redemption is possible. Maybe not to the extent that it results in servitude but a major shift in their fundamental values and thinking.
goodnovel comment avatar
I love this book!! I literally couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for more!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tami Grande
I am enjoying the way you write. This book has kept my interest.

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