Ch 194 Tessa
It didn’t take long for the elders to learn the new ways to feed. After old school groveling, apologizing, and proving they were sincere in their desire to be friends, they took to pack life quickly too.

Thea and the witches figured out how to recreate New Dawn’s forcefield, and Thea put it on the surrounding packs. With personal forcefields, Alpha Ford and Amethyst felt safe enough to come to New Dawn and hear Thomas out. They left their pups at home.

Thomas did an exemplary job at humbling himself. His Old World etiquette smoothed things over quickly. He had contacted the people he left behind in the Old World and had his things shipped to New Dawn. The old tomes he gave Alpha Ford and Amethyst as a peace offering bridged the remaining gap.

“No weapon can kill her. No god. No man. No beast,” Alpha Ford said at their next war room meeting. “That’s the main takeaway. Lilith is indestructible.”

“No offense,” Liam said. “But when that was written, modern weaponry didn’t exist. Grenad
Samantha Doyle

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goodnovel comment avatar
and Misty, she also wasn't mentioned for a long time now. did she mate with allesia and they merged the 2 Packs?
goodnovel comment avatar
now that Tessa is mated...what happend with allessia? did she took the Pack and became alpha?
goodnovel comment avatar
Just out of curiosity.. the moon goddess was talking about cosmic forces and Thomas mentioned how the old gods walked the earth. Has any thought that maybe the 3 sisters could be the key when they turn 18?

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