Ch 195 Monthly Call
Eleven years later.

It had been almost nineteen years since Thea and the triplets graduated.

“How’s the latest pregnancy?” Alpha John Lyall of Full Moon pack said. Thea’s Uncle Jerry had passed the Alpha title to his son and Thea’s cousin, Alpha John Lyall, about fifteen years back. Thea and the triplets were on their monthly call with him to get an update on the east coast.

“Oh, it’s finished. We had the pups last week,” Thea said. The triplets surrounded her, pressing their bodies against her and swaying like they were slow dancing. Their hands trailed sparks all over her body, and they each kissed their marks.

“Ugh, Dads, Mom, you’re so gross,” Ryan, their second oldest pup, said. The oldest pups joined them in the war room meetings, planning sessions, and these calls.

“Hush,” Conri said, eyeing their pups. “You know if one of you had ever been a daughter, she would appreciate this.”

“How many are you at now?” Alpha John Lyall said.

“We have an even hundred pups,” Alaric
Samantha Doyle

Hey, shout out to anyone having a difficult time. Mental health, health, chronic pain, all the stuff life throws at us. I hope you get some relief today, and I hope you smile and have a good laugh. My husband had an incident at work that really messed with his mental health this week. He reached out to someone he follows on P a t r e o n, and that person responded! It lifted my husband’s spirits, and he’s doing so much better today. We know GN doesn’t have a great communication system, so I’m going to start a P a t r e o n. I’m not anyone big or important, but if I can do what that guy did for my husband for someone, awesome. Apparently, it’s a platform to create more content, so maybe I can take requests, lol.

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Shadale Foster
loving all the mating I just absolutely love this book
goodnovel comment avatar
Story is great and hope you and your husband are doing well, the patreon sounds a good idea
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Lisa Highfield
Glad your husband realise he a to talk to someone. That can be the hardest part. Hugs to your family. Great book, time jumped nicely

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