#Chapter 6 I'll let you go when and if I want

"What a filthy dog! I absolutely cannot get over Tyler blocking your calls! Does he think the mate bond will break on its own?"

Focusing on keeping my hand steady, I traced the shape of my eyelid. Bella had given me free rein in her makeup drawer; she was always the bold one though she didn't really need cosmetics.

I had spent the night alternating emotions. Bella and I ate too much junk food while complaining about men. We had decided I would be single forever sometime between the last of the potato chips and the first carton of ice cream.

"I don't know what he's thinking," I answered her honestly, "It isn't like I can hear his thoughts. I can barely feel him outside the headache he's given me."

Was that what Tyler wanted to do? Make me miserable? Physically wear me down after all the years of mentally breaking me?

I finished my eyes and put on a tinted lip gloss. I didn't want to go too heavy with my makeup when this j

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Heaven Smith
Im going to be so happy when he knows the truth
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m shook rn
goodnovel comment avatar
Wafiyah Khan
sigh like why didn't she tell him?

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