#Chapter 8 Sir Filthy Doggy

Rachel's POV

My head was pounding so hard I didn't notice my phone vibrating for a full minute despite it being right beside my hand.

"Hello?" I answered, confusion coloring my tone as I saw Tyler's housekeeper was calling me, "Magda, has something happened?"

I had left instructions with the house staff to report directly to Master Tyler as I would no longer be in residence. They didn't need to know the particulars of why I was gone. All of them were well-trained as house servants who tended to ensure their discretion matched their ability to avoid asking questions not related to their work.

Work hard and silently was Tyler Wright's preference.

"Madam Rachel, we have no hangover cure here."

"I left the recipe with all the other house favorites. It's in the binder in the kitchen drawer beside the pantry."

"No, no, I have never made it, Madam Rachel!"

Magda was a sweet older woman. She reminded me o

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Thunsula Soni
nice story
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I think he loves her and don’t want to get hurt.

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