#Chapter 155 - No Lone Ranger


Every breath felt harder and harder to draw in. I couldn't get my head on straight. For some unknown reason, I was more involved with this case of this missing female than any other case I had ever investigated in my career as an Alpha Inspector.

I'd rescued children -babies even- and plenty of women before. What made this woman special? What made Rachel's baby so important to me?

I couldn't think of anything hurting her child or her without the Alpha instinct rising up in me. I could feel my wolf, Merlyn, bristling all over and I couldn't afford a moment's lapse with the vampire demon sharing my body with my wolf.

Merlyn had to keep the vampire in check. We would go on a rampage, drink dry anything with a pulse. I'd lost control once before and it'd been worse than any nightmare I had ever had.

Coming back to myself with my belly full of the blood of others, I remembered wanting to erase every memory I had to take away the taste.


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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
he should have told the doctor that Patrick was dead as well as Richard Campbell. I can't believe he was able to do that to his mate.
goodnovel comment avatar
Shadale Foster
great book can't wait for more
goodnovel comment avatar
Sandy Jo
I wonder if the doctor would have felt the same way if he knew Patrick Flores was dead and there would be no more money coming his way.

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