Epilogue: The Luna’s Blade

          Death… is never evitable.

          Life has started the sprout. And then when it blossoms and reaches the end, they’re sent to death. That’s why they called them best of friends.

“What would you want to be your reward, Gaia?”

His voice reverberates inside my head.

It still sounds euphonious even if it’s only a memory.

“Balaraw. Hand me a dagger that is winged with a symbol of nobility and a warrior. I want it to be finely-worked with precious metals and ivory.

          A tear fell down and blotted the cream color of the ivory handle. My fingers simply glided it away as I pulled the blade off from its sheath.


Whiteknight Magico

Author’s Note: Author’s Note: Surprise!!! Sad… Yah I know, it ended up leaving so many questions on your minds. And also the ending’s shocking with no warning. So I apologize for this. Anyway, this book is only the start of my planned Claveria Haltera series. If you still want to find out what really is the ending, well you gotta watch out for the next ones!   If you have seen the other wolfy thing in my profile, Melancholy; The Inception, that was Denise's story.   See you there!  

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