He goes back to my room and drops me back down on the bed. I sit on the edge, my legs spread slightly as he stands between them. Nicholas stands next to him again. 


"We will not be slow, or gentle, or any of that romantic bullshit." They begin to remove their shirts again. "We can't promise any future with you or anything like that. But we can promise you a night of pure fucking pleasure." 


Nicholas drops his shirt to the floor and leans down to look me in the eyes. "Do you want this?"


I nod and turn to Antonio, who's staring at me with dark eyes. "I want this." I reach up to his belt and unbuckle it, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling down his zipper. I reach into his briefs to grip his thick cock. "I want you guys to fuck me."


They share a look, and Antonio removed my hands, pushing me to lay back down. They both remove their slacks, and then their briefs. Letting their thick monster cocks spring free. 


"I am going to destroy your pussy." Nicholas grips himself, stroking gently. 


"And I will tear that ass in two." Antonio reaches down to stroke my wet folds.


I lift my hands to trace along Antonio's defined abdomen. 


"We will fuck you at the same time, Darling." I turn to Nicholas and nod. He leans down to kiss me once more. 


As his lips take over my mouth, I feel his twin kneel down in front of me on the bed. He spreads my legs even more apart, opening me up for his eyes. Nicholas pulls away to kiss down my neck. He kisses further down and reaches my breasts, where he takes my nipple in his mouth. 


I lean back and moan as Antonio begins to devour my lower lips. He traces my slit, pushing his tongue into my opening and swirling it around. Finally, after he and his twin continue teasing me, Antonio begins to suck on my clit. 


"Oh my fucking God."


I lean back, even more, using my arms to support my weight. 


As Antonio continues sucking, I feel one of his fingers begin to probe at my entrance. 


He shoves it in roughly, and I clamp around it tightly. 


"I can only imagine how good you will feel around me." 


I look down at Nicholas. My tits were covered in his saliva, from where he had been sucking and biting. 


I can't wait to feel you guys inside of me."


His eyes darken, and once again he attacks my lips. 


Antonio begins to thrust his finger in and out, before adding a second finger. He thrusts, in and out, over and over again, while his twin sucks on my tongue and pinches my nipples. He adds a third finger. And then a fourth. I'm so painfully stretched. So fucking full. How am I supposed to handle both of them?


I'm a moaning, soaking wet mess. I can feel my orgasm coming. It's close, so fucking close. Before I can reach it, Antonio lifts me up, ending my kiss with Nicholas. Antonio pulls me to him, his fingers still pumping inside of me. 


"Please, I need to cum." I plead out as he stops right before I can release. 


He smirks down at me. "Not yet." 


I watch as Nicholas lays down on the bed, his tattooed upper body deliciously gleaming in the little light. Antonio pushes me forward, forcing me to straddle his brother, all the while keeping his fingers in me. 


"Hey there, beautiful." Nicholas smiles up at me, pulling my face down to kiss him again. 


I brace my hands on his chest to keep my body up as we kiss. 


Antonio leans over us from behind. He peppers kisses all over my back as his fingers speed. He keeps pumping, hard and fast. I feel his other hand begin swirling in my juices before he goes to my back entrance and starts to rub the juices around. 


I feel something else begin to swirl around in my juices, something thick and hard. 


His cock. 


I moan loudly. "Please, Antonio." 


"Almost. I promise."


He keeps pumping his fingers in me, and I begin to rock down against them. I can feel myself nearly at the edge. 


Nicholas reaches down to grip his erection, and I feel him rub it against my clit. 


"Holy shit."


Finally, that does it. I reach my release and open my mouth to moan out. It turns into a loud scream as Antonio removes his fingers, and in seconds they both plunge into each of my entrances. 


"Fuck, Darling. I knew you would be tight but damnit." Nicholas pulls me down to his mouth and claims it briefly. "I need you to breathe, okay?"


I turn my head to see Antonio clenching his eyes shut tightly, with a face of pain. "Are you okay?"


He shakes his head. "Nikko is right, you need to breathe and relax."


I nod, instantly understanding. 


I turn back around and breathe out gently, willing my lower muscles to unclamp. 


The twins let out simultaneous breaths of air and then begin to continue to push in. 


"You aren't in all the way?" I lean down and press my forehead against Nicholas' chest. He reaches up to rub up and down my chest. 


"Do you want us to stop?" Antonio gritted out. Something told me even if I told them to stop, they wouldn't. And I don't want them to. 


"No, I'm okay." I manage to breathe out and lean back up.


They continue to push into me. Antonio reaches over me and pinches my clit at the same time that Nicholas leans up and bites down on one of my nipples. The pleasure I experienced from the stimulation causes me to release more juices. The juices work as a lubricant and allow them to push into me a little better. 


They still weren't inside me all the way. I could sense they were holding themselves back. They don't want to hurt me.


"Just do it, please." I lifted Nicholas' head from my chest to face me. "Don't hold back." 


All of a sudden, they push me down on their cocks. The full me, so fucking full. I lean back and let out a long moan. They still, wanting to give me time to adjust. 


Biting back the pain, I use Nicholas' shoulders to lift myself up. Their cocks pull out a little more than halfway before I push myself back down. They growl, realizing I didn't want to wait. They begin to thrust into me, hard. 


"Uh, oh yes. Just like that." I moan out. It still hurt, but I could feel my orgasm building. I lift myself up and down, helping them out. 


"Ride daddy's dick, baby." Antonio groans out. 


The kiss me anywhere they could reach. Antonio continues to rub my clit with one hand while he squeezes my right boob with the other. 


I feel myself get closer and closer. 


"Cum, darling." Nicholas orders. I release all over his dick and they keep ramming into me. They didn't give me a break. 


"You're gonna cum again with us, darling." Nicholas breathes out. 


I couldn't protest. I don't want to. 


Soon their thrusts turn jerky and I can tell they are close. "Cum, now. Cum for daddy." Antonio orders into my ear. My body reaches it's high and I feel myself squirt all over their cocks as they follow, releasing their cum deep in me. 


They still for a second and all that could be heard was our deep breathing as we try to catch our breath. Nicholas has his head on my chest and Antonio has his in my neck.


After a few minutes pass, they lift their heads away from my body. 


"We're gonna pull out now. Okay, darling?" Nicholas stares into my eyes. I nod and hid my face in his neck and they pull out. I feel our combined cum slowly drip out of me.


I sit down on Nicholas's waist, Antonio still wrapped around my body from behind. 


"Is it always that good?" I finally ask once I've come down from my high completely? 


Nicholas chuckles under me and leans up to place a brief kiss on my lips. "No, it's never that good."


A phone begins to ring, and Antonio pulls away to reach into his pants pockets. 


I turn to watch him swipe open his phone and groan. 



"We should get going." Nicholas said. He pulls me against him. I can feel him already start to slowly harden behind me.


I nod at him as Antonio wraps himself around me from behind once again.


"Do you think you can come by the office on Monday to check our computers? We don't want to risk anything." 


I think about Antonio's request. I can very easily call off work. I haven't used a single paid day since I started working for TechBuddy. They can survive a day without me. 

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