"Where are you going?" He asks me, sliding his chair out from under the desk.

I slide my heels on and buckle them, still looking around for my panties.

Where the hell could they have gone?

"I need to get home." I look under the desk, hoping to see them, but they aren't there.

"You're going to leave after what we just did?" Antonio growls out and crosses his arms.

I still and stand up from my bent position. "What we did was fun and all, but I still need to get home."

They crowd me instantly.

"It was fun?" Nicholas growls out and pushes my body against his chest.

"What is the problem? I thought this would be like a one-time thing. I didn't expect this to happen again when I came today." I push against Nicholas's chest, but then Antonio reaches over from behind me and grips my arms, pinning them between us behind my back.

"But it did happen again." Antonio growls into my neck from behind.

"And it will happen again. And again. And again..." Nicholas trails off mockingly against my
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