I shake my head again, despite my body lighting up at their words.

Of course, I want them to fuck me. I love it.

But we can't do that anymore.

Besides, they are accusing me of being some kind of whore! Why would they even think I had someone else here?

I was going to ask them, but then Nicholas reaches around me from behind and lifts my breasts through my robe.

"No bra on?" Nicholas breathes out into my ear as he feels my nipples harden through my robe.

Antonio lifts my right leg up and wraps it around his waist, pulling my core against his. "I wonder if she's wearing any panties." His fingers trail up my exposed leg to my inner thigh. I let out a moan as his finger reach my uncovered slit.

He trails his digits down my slit and lifts them to his mouth to suck my juices. "Always so wet and ready for us."

Nicholas raises one hand to my face and grips my jawline to face him. His other hand lowers down to my cunt, and he feels my wetness. "Tell me, who else gets you wet like this?"
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