Nicholas trails his hand up my leg and to my inner thigh, rubbing the skin there, teasing me. I reach down to the knot at my waist. How this robe stayed on this whole time, I have no clue.

I pull at the string and the robe opens. My large breasts spill out, and I let the robe fall down my shoulders, throwing it to the side of the bed. Antonio's body wraps around me from behind, his hard cock pressing against my lower back. He trails kisses along the side of my neck and I arch into him, my pussy still against Nicholas' cock, wanting it to be inside me already.

"Tonight, we are going to fuck you. Hard. We will make you come so many times, with our cocks and our mouths and our hands. You won't be able to walk right after." Antonio turns my head to face him. "But tomorrow night, after our marriage is solidified, we will make love to you, gently."

He gives me a quick, rough kiss. Nicholas turns my head back to him and cups my jaw in his hand.

"We will fuck you every day, Caroline. We wil
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