It was well after midnight when the knocking began at my door. I had expected it, in fact, I was hoping for it.

As soon as I had left the Rossi house, I drove straight to my apartment, ordered takeout, and took a warm shower before hiding in the bed.

I felt like a piece of me was missing, well more like two pieces.

I made sure to text them to let them know I was home safe, and that I would be going to bed early. Of course, I couldn't sleep. I tried, so fucking hard. But I couldn't. I tossed and turned, but I couldn't do it. I needed them.

Without them, I couldn't sleep. But by the time I had accepted that, it was already nearly eleven at night. I debated texting them, asking them to come over so I could at t

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Lorraine Matthews
They mentioned her preference of same sex partners
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda Blair
Didn't anyone but me hear Sara say that her girlfriend was murdered? Girlfriend! Did Nicholas or Antonio know that Sara swings that way? If so then why haven't they reassured Caroline of the situation?

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