They push their cocks deep into me, at the same time. And I wince. They stretched me out so much, even after everything we had done, all the sex we had had. It's like my body just tightened or something.

"Do you want us to stop?" Tony asks from above me as his cock stills in my pussy while Nicks stops in my ass.

I shake my head up at him, pulling him down so I could tuck my head into his neck.

"No, I don't. I need this. But, slow?"

I can feel him nod above me, before he slowly starts thrusting into me. Each thrust brings another inch into me. I feel Nick doing the same under me, as one of his hands reaches around to cup one of my heavy breasts in his hands...


I trace my hand across Tony's face. I'm laying o

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Nicole Santiago
I have a feeling that Sara is bad news
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Sherlyn de Guzman-Cloutier
when's the next update?

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