Chapter 10


During the span of three days, I barely ventured outside of my quarters. It wasn’t because I felt infected, but I hadn’t wanted to go out. Food was brought to me three times a day and I was under surveillance by Alpha Ryker.

Instead of wasting my time away, I focused on learning everything I could about the people here and whatever else the folders I had contained about this place. There were only a few members that had any details about them.

First, there was Julian Drake, the beta of the pack. He also had a twin brother named Ryan. They were both strong and very skilled snipers. Of course, I would need to see that for myself, since I was also rather skilled, not to brag or anything.

Then there was Sara Andrew, who was the sister of Leon. I haven’t met Leon yet, but from the folder I had on him, he was the main one that oversaw the lab that was downstairs. I had heard from Ryker that he had a man that was locked downstairs with the rogue I brought in.

I immediately disagreed
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