Chapter 75: Love at first sight

Special treat: Theo’s POV

The moment my eyes met hers, my ideals about not believing in fate vanished into thin air. I had always thought that Taelin was the woman I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. She had been beautiful, kind, funny, and everything a man could ever want and desire.

Never in my life had I believed the fated mate thing was real. Yeah, I heard about it, but I figured it was more of a myth than anything. Even if I believed it at one point, I figured it was just a primal desire to mate with someone.

Kind of in the sense that one was overcome with a sexual desire for someone. I didn’t want to be with a female if all I wanted to do was have sex with her. I had thought I wanted someone like Taelin.

Granted, I had definitely wanted her sexually, but it was nothing like how I was feeling at this exact moment. Every cell in my body came alive the moment I saw Sara. All the feelings I have ever thought I had about Taelin, just disappeared.

For the first time, I unde
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Yay! Best chapter yet!
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Awe best chapter so cute
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Sue Waymire
Yay!! I was hoping those two would be mates. It’s perfect!

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